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N.Y. Rangers at Carolina Hurricanes 3/14/06

Plax 4 Prez

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Just a thought about Carolina's roster, isn't Glen Wesley like 142 years old?? I think that he played on the Bruins team that lost to the Oilers in the 1990 Stanley Cup finals.


Weekes is playing well, this game is full of emotion, energy.... big hits & scoring opportunities. I love the new NHL!


End of the 1'st, 1-1.


Bad news, Ruchinsky went to the locker room 1/2 way through the period & was favoring his left leg. :TD:

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Deflected off of Betts & in behind Weekes, 2-1 Canes. :TD:


The Rangers aren't hitting the Canes at all, they must step up the physicality of their play if they don't want to just get rubbed off of every puck.


Interference against Kasparitis, Carolina to the power play.

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Look on the bright side Ranger fans. You lost to the best team in the NHL.


I'd also like to thank you for figuring out a way to kickstart Doug Weight. He's been shit since he came to Carolina. It's about frickin time the guy started scoring.


No shame in giving up a goal to Cullen. The guy has lightning fast hands. He's a badass in shootouts.


So much for Weekes making a statement game versus his former employers.

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