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Reminds me of a recent stat I just read where McNabb and Eli are tied with the most passes completed on 3rd/4th down that didn't result in a first down. 19


I might have to take that trade.



It's just something that came to mind with both of them in their current surroundings.

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No. Eli could get better, Don can only slide from here.


My sentiments exactly although the "instant gratification" side of me finds the topic very interesting, he's still a scumbag Eagles player.

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At this point in McNabb's career? No. Too many injuries taking effect.


3 or 4 years ago? I might take it as well. Not much of a difference passing, but far more mobility.


Agreed.....McNabb is McFinished. Look at the jobs that Feeley and Garcia have done replacing him.


Statistics can be deceiving - he was All-World against Detroit, but since then, he's not much to talk about. The best thing that could happen to the Giants would be to play McNabb again.....I'm more worried about Feeley at this point.

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