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Who's going to replace Mussina?


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Ian Kennedy?


Moose is not hurt, he said it himself...unless he's lying. I choose to believe he just can't get away with a 86mph fastball that he can't locate anyway. He's done. Also, how do we get rid of him?

Ian Kennedy, Joba Chaimberlan.... who gives a fuck...... Smalls, I'd put you out there in front of Mussina and I'd guarantee you'd be twice as effective....at least nobody has looked at your stuff for the last 3 years and been trying to tee off on it.


Either way, if he's on the team next year I shoot him and Cashman in the face with a 12 gauge.... nuf said.


What really bothers me is the fact that they cant even generate 1 run against the Tigers...... intolerable & not what they need going into the series against the Red Sox.

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Steven White will probably get the call over Kennedy.


Keeping Pussina in the rotation may wind up costing us a playoff spot...if it hasnt already. He cant locate his 85mph fast ball, his curveball has become a meatball that barely breaks and his change up cant be thrown for a strike and when he does throw it for a strike, its up in the zone and gets hit roughly 420 feet. Ive never seen a pitcher lose as quickly as Pussina has...well maybe David Cone. But David Cone was a winner and he was far from a pussy..not to mention he wasnt a douche bag like Mussina is. Cones teammates loved him, can the same be said for Pussina? His Baltimore teammates couldnt stand him either, he thinks he's on a much higher plane than the rest of his teammates because he is a Stanford grad.


Im not sure if Pussina was claimed on waivers, Im sure he was. The Yanks should try and deal him to whatever team has claimed him. However he is a 10 and 5 guy so Im not sure if that also gives him the right to veto any waiver trade. I assume it does, so looks like we're stuck with him.

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if you ask me, cashman's a dumbass if some team claimed mussina and he pulled him back. let someone else pay the rest of his contract

I agree, but Im not sure if the 10 and 5 rules apply to waiver claims. I have to assume they do and thats why he's still on the yankees.

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i might be wrong but I'm pretty sure 10-5 rules only apply to trades. Since you can just let a player go to the team that claimed him without compensation I would think that the 10-5 rule doesn't apply in this case. There's not much you can get for the guy at this point anyway with his salary. I don't think cashman's the type to just let him go anyway, the pads were willing to take igawa off your hands and although I don't know the details it looks like cashman was asking for too much when he really is in no position to do so. I'm sure he would take the same attitude towards trading mussina.


of course if the red sox, mariners, tigers, indians, or angels claimed him I don't blame him for pulling him back

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