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I have I told all my Met bretheren here at SW


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You Do?! When the hell did this happen? No one tells me anything around here!!








PS. Nice new sig pic. Love that picture. Notice the wrapped arms. Proves you can still hit hard and tackle correctly. This should be posted in Corey Webster, Arron Ross and Will Demps locker for a reminder just to name a few.

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Do you hate Wright or Heilman more?


Why would anyone hate Wright? Get frustrated with at times sure, thats any player, but Wright is this years team MVP imo if for no other reason he battled all year long no matter what kind of slump he is in.


Heilman? Hard to not root for him, he is what he is.

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I immediately thought of you last night when Wagner blew the save.

I knew this thread was coming... ;)


Hey I do not like, does not mean I do not want him to do well though, thats the different. I root in spite.


BTW anyone read his quote when he saw reporters in the lockroom last night and said something to the effect of "this whole row has been bad" and pointed at his, Heilmans and Glavines row of lockers, its like SHut the fuck up, you are SUPPOSED to be a dominant closer, a 41 year old 301 game, 2 time cy young, ws MVP can have a bad game and Heilman is a set up man, stand up and take some blame you redneck fucker.


Know what the difference between Wagner and Benitez circa 1999-2001 is? The media likes Wagner, they both put up gaudy numbers, but when it really counts they let you down.

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Wags rests, Aaron saves







Sunday, August 26th 2007, 4:00 AM





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Billy Wagner had the joke all planned. He brought a sling for his left arm to the ballpark yesterday and planned to wear it around the clubhouse. Finally some players and staff in the trainer's room talked him out of it.


Being without your closer - particularly one as good as Wagner - is never a laughing matter.


That may be the situation the Mets are facing. Wagner said he is experiencing a "dead-arm period" and it bothered him enough that he asked for the day off before the first pitch of the Mets' 4-3 win over the Dodgers at Shea.


Aaron Heilman slid into the closer's role - something he did briefly in 2005 - and pitched a scoreless ninth for his sixth career save and first since Sept. 30, 2005. Pedro Feliciano moved to the setup position and allowed a run while keeping the lead through the eighth.


"We've had a lot of roles this year and so you're ready for anything down there," said Heilman, who added that previous experience closing was invaluable. "You want to be a late-inning guy in games where you have a chance to win."


"Heilman gets the save and did his job," said Wagner, who has 29 saves in 32 chances. "It pretty much shows our bullpen isn't one-dimensional. They can do more than just pitch their role. ... It's obviously not hard to be a closer.


"He went out there and did better than I would have done."


The numbers bear out Wagner's claim to a tired arm. Two of his three blown saves have come since Aug. 10 and he has allowed at least one run in each of his past three appearances. Wagner allowed a run and three hits but hung on to finish Friday night's 5-2 win over L.A.


"It happens to everybody. It's not a specific time (in the season)," Wagner said. "For me, my control, my velocity is the same. It's just my arm is a little tired. ... I pretty much told them I was taking the day.


"I could go, but they've got guys in the bullpen that can go out there and do that job and do it well."


The lefthander has made it no secret he isn't thrilled about Willie Randolph's tendency to use him in games where the margin is more than three runs. After finishing Friday's game he said he hadn't wanted to go into a 5-1 game, but that the team's MO has been to use him "when the other team is within a grand slam." He also had a passionate discussion with GM Omar Minaya regarding the issue.


In Randolph's defense, Wagner is on pace to make approximately the same number of appearances and pitch the same number of innings as he has the past two seasons.


"Our bullpen has been fresh all year. No one down there has been over-taxed," Randolph said. "You want other guys to pick up a save once in a while. It's good for them. You get everyone contributing. Right now it's just about winning."


Wagner insisted he is unconcerned about this familiar-feeling stretch and that there is no need to panic. However, he could not say whether he would be available to pitch in tonight's series finale against the Dodgers.


"I'm not going to worry about it until I get here," he said.




He wore a sling?


He does not like to pitch with more than 3 run leads?


He spoke to the GM abot it?


When is someone going to call this douchebag out for the cockblower he is?

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