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Now thats he's no longer available and the draft is over

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Do you think we should have made a move for The Burner?


We had a decent draft and we did pick up Drougns(sp), but Im still up in the air on whether or not we should have made a serious play for Turner......leaning more towards we should have gotten him regardless of what pick we would have had to give up.



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Not this year, we can check him out next season, he should be an unrestricted FA. I think we should let this play out and see how Jacobs and Droughnes do. I can wait a year.

I hear you...the thing is, I dont really have much confidence in Droughnes/Jacobs tandom...2 big power backs.. Plus I think Turner would be a superstar if he wanst on the same team as aruably the greatest running back in football history in his prime.

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Tt would be picks...with San Diego....I don't know if the FO wants to take another chance after the Eli debacle.


And do not be surprised if next year Turner is franchise tagged. They did it with Brees and Rivers.


As far as our current RBs I have high hopes, but they are tempered by a QB coach as the OC...I'm afraid we are going to be the same pass-oriented team.

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