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Ralph Vacchiano Giants being conscientious shoppers


Mar 16, 2007 There are only a handful of teams that have not signed a single free agent from another team, and so far the Giants are one of them. And while they're not likely to get completely shut out in Jerry Reese's first offseason as GM, don't expect to be excited when they finally find someone to sign.


After making his big splash with the trade for Reuben Droughns, Reese seems content to scour the market for role players and fill-ins. The "stars" that were all the market are all gone (and overpaid) and the Giants didn't get involved in the bidding at all.


That wasn't the plan. They had hoped to land a few players. They eyed some cornerbacks, safeties, a left tackle and a few running backs, but the market just went crazy. So now they're reduced to wooing the likes of backup guard Matt Lehr and restricted free agent fullback Vonta Leach.


leach_031607mu.jpg Vonta Leach may not be sexy, but he can help the Giants in 2007. (AP) There may be a few surprise cuts later in the offseason, and the Giants can always find a few ways to increase their cap room if they need to, but for the most part those are the types of names you can expect to hear about between now and June, when their training camp roster is set. And that's not all bad. First, remember, if you're evaluating the Giants' offseason so far, including the re-signing of center Shaun O'Hara (at a relative bargain price) and don't discount the impact of the trade for Droughns. As for the rest, well, just remember, that in 2000 no one was overly excited when the Giants signed left tackle Lomas Brown and center Dusty Zeigler, but they turned out to be the anchors of a Super Bowl offensive line.


The point is, a guy like Lehr or Leach or whomever the Giants sign won't create headlines now, but they might fill an important role on the team later. The Giants have plenty of stars on their team already; they don't necessarily need more.

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I hate the guy who's picture is in the first post. He pisses me off so much, fucking dye your hair or something you freak.

I hate it when people use the word sexy in referance to anything and everything that in fact has nothing at all to do with anything remotely sexy.

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