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Cato June and Nick Harper


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Now that the Colts tagged Dwight Freeney .




Tag! Freeney's Still a Colt


Posted Feb 19th 2007 7:15PM by David J. Warner

Filed under: Colts, AFC South, Indianapolis


In a move about as shocking as the divorce of Britney and K-Fed, the Indianapolis Colts slapped a franchise tag on Dwight Freeney today, which will earn him a one-year, $8.64 million deal. Unlike some players who have gotten tagged in the last week or two, Freeney probably won't be too upset about the tag, and he and his agent will continue to negotiate with GM Bill Polian to try and get a long-term deal.


Of course, the real question about Indy's defense this offseason was never about Freeney, but about his defensive teammates. Both starting outside linebackers, Cato June and Rob Morris, and both starting cornerbacks, Nick Harper and Jason David, are all free agents, and the Colts were projected to be less than $5 million under the projected salary cap before Freeney got tagged. June was already considered out the door, but what about Harper and David? Will the Colts be able to keep them for another season? Or can they be replaced as easily as this team replaces linebackers

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Pass on Harper. If we can't get Clements we should go for Hood. The guy can play and is affordable. June, meh. He'll want a little more loot than he's worth.




I dont know why anyone would want Hood to come here. The guy sucks. Plex burned him in every game.

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Fuck that. Never know though, we did sign Madison...



Madison was better then than Harper is now. I can't fault the Giants for picking Madison last year, the guy showed no signs he would struggle early last season, plus he came relatively cheap.

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