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VG's Players to watch

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OK, being a baseball fan who likes to see young players in the early parts of their careers trying to get noticed, I decided to start a thread for everyone to post which players on their favorite team could rise to fame this year.


If you have a feeling a certain young player on your team is going to make a name for himself this year, post his name and what you think about him.



Players to watch on the Rangers



Ian Kinsler: Second Baseman. He seems to be a good all around player, a hard worker. reminds me of Michael Young, has big offensive shoes to fill following Soriano, but even though he moved to 2B recently, his defense has to be an improvment over Sori.



Kameron Loe: Pitcher, Has the stuff, they decided to keep him instead of Chris Young, that speaks volumes because I was very high on Young, he'll be in the 4 spot and he pitched very well last season.



Kevin Mench: Left Field, not exactly a noob, but relativly unknown. This should be his year, he's been a productive player, but all signs point to him having a very good year. 35 HR's and 80+ RBI's.


Lance Wilkerson: CF, He should be batting lead off, and in our park he could have a break out year.


Ok, now for some minor leagers


John Danks, Thomas Diomond. theres another one I just can't remember right now. But Danks and Diomond have impressed the MLB coaching staffs, especially Diomond. Both should see big league time this year, Diomond might even win the 5 spot later in the year.


Joaquin Arias, SS. It'll be tough for him to see much time unless God forbid Young or Kinsler get injured, or Kinsler struggles alot. But he has impressed alot of people, I can only go by word of mouth because I have not seen him play.

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All are very good players, VG, and I wish I could do the same for the Sox but everybody seems to know our prospects already. Eh, I'll do it anyway. These are players that will make a significant impact THIS season.


Jonathon Papelbon: Flame throwing right hander who dazzled from the pen last year. He has the tutelage of Curt Schilling and now Josh Beckett and should be able to eclipse his statistics from last year, despite not starting the year in the rotation. With Wells rescinding his trade request, the Sox rotation will be Schilling-Wakefield-Beckett-Wells-Clement with a pen of Foulke, Timlin, Tavarez, Seanez, Riske, Papelbon, and Arroyo. This is tough news for Dinardo but if a starter goes down or one is traded, Papelbon has the inside track for the fifth starter's job.


Jon Lester: Hard throwing left hander who can strike out a hitter per inning. He will start the year in AAA but a trip to the majors come September is a given. He is the top pitching prospect in the Red Sox organization.


Craig Hansen: The Red Sox closer of the future will likely start the season in AAA due to the Red Sox bullpen depth (very different from last year). There has been a history of success for college to majors closers (Chad Cordero, Huston Street) but the Red Sox want to give Hansen time to fully develop.


Dustin Pedroia: Scrappy 2b/SS should see time if a middle infielder were to fall. He plays top notch defense, can hit for average, and has an incredible eye for walks, similar to Youkilis. Odds are high that he'll start at shortstop next year for the Red Sox.


Those are the closest players to the majors right now, not much in terms of offensive players. David Murphy and Brandon Moss should get a look if Trot leaves next year (eeps). Josh Bard is far beyond a prospect but he has the inside track to become Wakefield's personal catcher with the retiring of John Flaherty and the injury to Ken Huckaby. Youkilis will get the lion's share of playing time at first base while "platooning" with lefthander JT Snow. Expect homers hovering around the 10 marker but a great OBP from the Greek God of Walks.

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Watch out for Chris Young - performed solidly with Texas and their crappy stadium; moves to Petco.

Yeah, he made out good in this trade, It's been said he has dead arm issues toward the end of the season, that could have alot to do with just being young and pitching in Texas. I'm still bitter over that trade.

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