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Just took a peek at the Cowboys' schedule


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I've got them finishing 11-5, with a loss to New Orleans and that's it.



I've got us finishing as the following:


Titans: Win

Cowboys: Lose

Panthers: Lose

Eagles: Win

Saints: Lose

Skins: Win



9-7 ain't good enough for the playoffs this year. And the worst part is that the Cowboy fans appear to be right... Tony Homo may be a better QB than Eli... at least he doesn't throw into double coverage eight times a game and has a little mobility (and can throw a tight spiral).

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Dallas Schedule


12 Thu, Nov 23 Tampa Bay -L

13 Sun, Dec 3 at NY Giants -L

14 Sun, Dec 10 New Orleans -L

15 Sat, Dec 16 at Atlanta -L

16 Mon, Dec 25 Philadelphia -W

17 Sun, Dec 31 Detroit -W


If it happens that way, Homo will no longer be the golden boy. I do not see what is so great about the Boys.... Young QB who has not put together two halves of a game yet, tepramental reciever, inconsitant running game, and a shotty run defense.


Tampa is lickiing thier chops for the Thanksgiving game against the boys. I can see that Tampa secondary coming away with atleast 2 picks and winning the game.


Gmen- handily beat them last time, in Dallas. This will be a December game at home :TU:


NO- This one I am not sold on.... but NO is a tough team to count out


Atlanta- Still could have a shot at the playoffs with a game at home in the Dome MUST win game for the birds


Philly - enough said but maybee they can help us out


Detroit- Might as well play the Livingston Field hockey team

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