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Ok like last year I am in a league. I wonder if anyone could give me help. Here is how it goes. I can only pick one driver a week and I can only use him once until the the second Daytona Race. So only use one driver til the 17th race and start over. I have never done this before. What is a smart way to play this? Is using Tony Stewart this week smart or should I use someone lower in the rankings and hope to get lucky like Waltrip? Thanks

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Unfortunately, I'd go with Jr. The DEI cars do well in plate races and do shitty everywhere else.

I really do not like this format of picking one driver a week. I liked last years where you would pick 4 in 3 different groupings. I the second half by 3 points and 250 bucks. <_>

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I am looking for any and all fantacy nascar leagues I dont wanna wait any longer to join , If you got a link or are in a league let me know so maybe I can join in .


pm me or email me I'll be home all day


p.s. I get to watch the twin 125's today :P

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