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  1. 24-3 Jags. I suck at predictions so I’m hoping the streak continues.
  2. I thought LT's restaurant would be a success.
  3. Hope he doesn't get picked up by the Eagles or Cowboys with all that film room experience
  4. 420


    Manning's two Super Bowl victories came when Beckham was a freshman in high school in New Orleans So Beckham got left back 4 times in his freshman year?
  5. The Mets need to get said major league hitting coaches first.
  6. I replied to Guy in that way because of the direction he went. I replied to you in the direction you were heading. As I said, I got a ketchup packet waiting if they make a legit offer. And not one of these offers the Mets are known for just to say we tried.
  7. That willingness you speak of isn’t there anymore and hasn’t been for a while which is why I said them even taking harper out for coffee is a long shot.
  8. Delgado signing gets a C+. He was getable because of his anti-National Anthem issuesCliff Floydd was a solid signing but nothing close to blockbuster Santana would have been a great get but the Mets blew his arm out KRod lasted 1 season and was nothing close to what they paid for him Pedro was on his last legs, over paid/ too many years and only had 1 good season. Just like Glavine and Hershiser. Mike Hampton was a good for 1 year. Beltran was a great pick up but the guy couldnt play with a hang nail. Eddie Murray was a head case. The last great trade and eventual signing was Piazza(an argument can also be made for Ventura).For the very few people the Mets got better with theres all the Mo Vaugns, Roberto Alomars, Bobby Bonillas, Ricky Hendersons, Vince Colemans, Brett Saberhagens, Yoenis Cespedses and countless others that were a frigging joke. Think of all the pitchers that went on to be superstars/winners after leaving the Mets or before getting to The Mets.
  9. Ha! The band wagon has 3 wheels and 2 are flat. It’s been in in the same spot for so long that it’s loaded with parking tickets.
  10. Not since Piazza. You can argue that Cespedes was a big contract signing but he was a cast off from other teams. The guy doesn't care. The Wilpons are an embarrassment and the club is a laughing stock. Almost everything they do blows up in their face. Fan since 1974.
  11. No way they sign Harper. No way in hell. If he had a less skilled brother theyd sign him but not Harper. I will eat ketchup if they do. Hell, Ill eat ketchup if they even make a legit push to sign him.
  12. I didn’t post anything about that shellacking because it’s beating a dead horse.
  13. You’re joking. You have to be.
  14. The thing i find interesting is that pitchers were usually the best players on the team in both hitting and pitching growing up.
  15. Sanchez cant catch a cold and has little desire to run to 1st. No thanks.
  16. So goddam embarrassing. This franchise is a joke.
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