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  1. I think the Giants organization is going to stand pat on what we have into training camp with our current roster. It hink they want to give Corey Webster every opertunity to start opposite madison


    I also think that Webster should get his chance to start, but if either him or Madison get hurt, then we are in trouble.

  2. Taking a look at our Cb position, after Madison we don't have anyone else that has established himself yet in this league. Being that Ty Law is on the market still, we may be able to get him for a year at a halfway decent price. Law has lost a step, but I would really love his experience out there on the field.


    What do you guys think?

  3. Oh, c'mon! Shockey is known more for his off the field activities than what he has accomplished on the field. At this point he has not lived up to his hype and potential.



    I agree that he hasn't lived up to his potential, but he is still a dominant player in the NFL. He's made 2 probowls in 4 years.


    Let's see what his #'s look like this year when he has the same QB for 2 years in a row.

  4. Why should he ?? This is not a best body on the board walk contest. It's about performing in the NFL. Do you need more interpertation ?? Shockey would be lucky to make the top 200.



    Whatever dude, if you think that then you are the dumbest SOB on this board and you know shit about football.

  5. That's fine...I just think his run blocking has vastly improve since his rookie year. And, seeing that he has played with 4 starting QBs the last 4 years, his number have drop a bit because it. I expect a 1000 yard season this year. I really do.



    There is no doubt that he is one of the best, and his #'s should be better than Gates this year since Drew has left San Diego. If Shockey leads the league this year for TEs in receptions and yard then I'll say he is the best, but until he can do that then you have to put Gates and Gonzelez ahead of him still.

  6. The Giants first game against the Cardinals. Willie Ponder ran back a kickoff and then in the same game Morten ran back a punt. The G-Men's D scored me 55 fantasy points that day. F'n awesome!!!

  7. here we go on what again ?? i had commented that picking up Junior, although not flashy, was a very solid move by the FO...the FAB 4 expects him to immediately move ahead of William Joseph on the depth charts once the pads go on...


    He can't move ahead of Joseph because they don't play the same position. Robbins or Ducket can move ahead of Joseph though, and I wouldn't be surprised, they all are pretty equal right now.

  8. that's because you're not a real fan you dork. He was the only player on defense two years ago that played with any kind of heart after sdtrahan went down.


    Green will really help their D. He is 100% healthy and he is going to have a decent year. Great sign by Houston.


    Good Luck Barret :clap:

  9. Tim Couch is Eli Manning in 3 years - only EA could compound his Eli blunder by bringing in another blunder.


    OK Lockhart, if you and Floyd feel that way then are you two in on the deal I made with Dye Jobber. I mean if you feel so confident he is a bust then you should be willing to make the deal then. I know though that you guys would never leave this board though if you lost a bet, because losing this board would mean the end of your social life as we all know it. Then again you'll be forced to post on the giants.com message board, oooooo. That would hurt!!!

  10. You must find EA very entertaining then .................. :clap:



    EA can be very entertaining at times...but not as much as you guys would like him to be. EA has made some bad moves, but I give the guy credit at least for all the good he has done for this organization. I think that when you compare the job he has done compared to other GMs throughout the NFL it's pretty satisfying. I rank him in the top 10 for GMs in the NFL, and when you compare the good to the bad, the good considerably outweighs the the bad.


    Good: BJ

    Bad: Ron Dayne


    Good: Osi

    Bad: Willie Jo (depends on this season)


    Good: Shockey

    Bad: Dan Campbell


    Good: Tyree

    Bad: Carter


    Anyways, you see where I'm going with this, and if Eli turns out to be great then that move he made will be remebered for a long time and he'll go down as one of the greatest GMs in the NFL.

  11. Erik Dickerson ran high, but he just has to get those shoulders over his feet.


    I wish him well and I think we could use him more effectively.


    I have high hopes for him and maybe he'll pan out


    He will be a good everyday back if we don't ruin him. Our coaches have to find a way to get him involved more this season and just don't limit him to short yardage situations. We should take a look on how Pittsburgh managed there running game last year with Parker and Bettis.

  12. We already have a Tim Couch..........and EA gave up a kings ransom for him because his daddy had his hand in EA's side pocket when everyone knew it was Ben he should have grabbed at that spot.


    The Giant faithfull will now have to suffer the consquences of that day for a good number of years.



    Dude, will you leave this board if Eli has a 87+ Qb Rating, 25+ Td passes, 3800+ yards, 58% Comp Perc and at least 1 playoff win next season??? Or will stay around here and feed us with more BS?

  13. Parcells in a heartbeat - Parcells made Belichek. Parcells has two Super Bowl wins, Coughlin has none. That said Coughlin has done a good job, but he isn't anywhere near Parcells or Gibbs.


    Wow, hell must have frozen over. I actually agree with Lockhart.

  14. i thought he did all of this in "madden superstar mode".........



    Lockhart is a little bitch! He probably never play a down of football is his life. He is either a fat load for sitting on his but on the computer all the time or I can also see him looking like Napoleon Dynamite. Yeah he is such a superb athelete.

  15. I only have one thing to add to this post. The fact is that if you are a true fan of a team you stand by them no matter how bad they are. This guy is an Eagles fan and he supports and defends his team and the true Giant fans on this board defend the Giants when he makes comments about them. So with that I want to say SCREW YOU Lockhart, Nosebleed, Floyd, and any other person who claims to be a Giants fan, but they are so insecure that no matter what the Giants do they are never happy. No one is asking you guys to be a G-Men fan, so if you don't like this organization then go root for the Eagles or anyone else for that matter. If you don't have faith in your team then why the hell are you a fan.


    My question to you guys who are always talking shit is are you Giant fans, or are you really just a troll on this board trying to get a rise out of Real Giant Fans? If you are a Giant fan then prove it!!!

  16. Willie Jo and the Giants will both have amazing years next year. If you are a Giants fan you have to believe this. I'm not going to bitch and complain about this team until I have something to bitch and complain about. If the Giants make the playoffs next year for the 2nd season in a row I will be happy, because I can't remember the lsat time that happened. I think it was the 1989 and 1990 seasons.

  17. Kiwanuka was a top 20 pick until the senior bowl...


    Brick Ferguson made him his little bitch that week...in practice, drills, and the game



    D'Brick is going to make a lot of NFL players his little bitch! I'm looking foward to there rematch when the G-Men play the Jets in the preseason.

  18. As you mentioned, something that Kiwi has going for him is his consistency. The coaches and EA harped on this but he's been a consistent sack machine his entire career. That's something you can't say about Mario. I think Kiwi's got a good chance of emerging as the best dlinemen from this draft.



    I have to agree!!! :TU:


    I'm thinking about not posting on here again for like 2 years and then come back after the G-Men have won a Super Bowl to see what the Fab 4 will find to bitch about.


    LockHart: "Eli Manning is such a sell out. He said that now that he's won the Super Bowl he's going to Disney Land, we should trade him for Roethlisberger"


    Nutty Sack: "Yeah, and now that Strahan got his ring he's retirering, now we have to deal with Kiwi only getting 15 sacks a year"

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