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  1. The Giants are very smart how they deal with free agency. Everyone is screaming at them to sign someone, but they aren't making any dumb moves, like some teams that we know well. If you look at the really good teams in the league you'll notice that they aren't going crazy. We finally are doing it like the Patriots, we already have a great core just need a few pieces. No need to sign a LB for a huge amount of money, only if we get a decent price should we sign a peterson or arrington. If we don't land one of them then we nail a stud in the draft.

  2. As I said before, the real "pukes" of our Giants are named Mara and Tisch. They keep this fool around despite the fact that they could replace him instantly. As far as they are concerned, as long as the stadium is sold out every year and the market for Giants material is strong, the fans can go to hell. The success of the team means nothing to them. In other words "THEY SUCK". :furious:


    I hope all this bitching stops when we are the best team in the NFC this season. Then again I'm sure that you guys will find something.

  3. I still think our team is more solid than those other two, granted the additions work out. With Gibril and Sam as safeties, im fine with that. I just need to see that Demps is healthy, and Will Pete, and Im not worried about TO, Moss, etc.


    Sam is going to play safety? What did we get Demps for?

  4. What do you guys think? Will Lavar switch brothers or just switch agents alltogether. Meshawn's agent got banned I heard it was reported that he would negotiate his own contracts with his agent being an informal aid. This might be a blessing in disguise for this organization. Lavar has not really received a ton of interest. He seemed to get the most from the Giants. Yeah Rosenhaus does have a bad rep but he does have a good relationship with Ernie. I really think a deal could happen. Same with Peterson who I believe has Poston as an agent.


    There just aren't any agents out there anymore like Jerry McGuire. He's can show any player the money and teams love him.

  5. Well, there still is that problem of defensive holding :TD:


    That is the worst damn penalty in the game when it is called against your team. It will be like 3rd and a mile and then a five yard defensive holding penalty is a first down. Another one I hate is roughing the passer. I still haven't forgoten that play in the 2004 season that emmons had on Michael Vick, I mean they were on the 1 yard line and he was scrambling all over the field and then throws the ball up for grabs. What a shit call that was.

  6. That's the thinking behind this. Poston is an idiot though, so this is actually a blessing in disguise for Lavar.


    :LMAO: This guy is a joke and must be a real pain to deal with. Lavar should be off the market by now, and the longer he is on it then the less money he'll end up getting. He's going to have to accept an offer from someone soon.

  7. OMG!! It's all over !! The Giants will neer win the East again!! The Redskins just signed Todd Collins!! Why didnt we???????? WTF EA!!???


    Most of you guys on this board are retards.


    LOL :LMAO: ,


    I'm gonna laugh when the redskins lose a player or two to injury and they have no depth to fill the position.

  8. Guys, the only reason I even bring this up is because we are a team on the brink, while our corps players are Young, Eli, Pierce, Plax etc, we also have some aging guys in key spots, and this seems to be shaping up as going for it all type of year. I mean, for the same reasons some of you want Arrington, I want Keyshawn, he fits perfectly IMHO. A guy who will go over the middle and make every catch in his area is what is needed, As much as i love Amani, he's destined to drop off even after a great years last season, if Amani can handle being # 3 and Keyshawn can handle being # 2, thats a deadly and experienced combo at WR with Plax at # 1.


    I really don't see much of a difference between him and Amani at this point in their careers. It's an interesting idea, but I think that we will be better off with a speed guy at the #3 spot. Now if Tim Carter can lick the butter off those hands then we have our #3.


    I would really like to see what J Tayler can do if he's healthy. I still have that memory of him and Eli hooking up (not in a gay way) in Eli's first few starts. That would be great if we can get that guy on the field.

  9. Not the worst place in the world to be stationed, how's the weather?? Oh wait, I've been there.... it never changes unless there is a hurricane or is it a typhoon in the Pacific??

    That sucks, bet you wish you could stay huh?



    I've been here for 3 years, it's time to leave. They have Direc-tv in Alaska also, so I won't miss any games. I also get to sleep an hour later on Sunday, until 9 AM.

  10. That was one of the highlights of the year for me :LMAO:



    I think that Irvin has him beat on the CRACK department. Irvin may not have as many receptions, but he was caught by the police quite a bit.

  11. What's ya'lls opinions on us going after Keyshawn? WR seems to be a concern everyone says we have, and Keyshawn is a good posetion type WR. Sure he's selfish and a loudmouth, but he's at the point in his career where he knows he isn;t the star and won't catch 100 passes.. If T.C. can keep the lip work to a minimum, he could be a low cost asset to us. Ofcourse I have no idea what his asking price would be, but I doubt it would be very high.


    He could be a good 2nd or 3rd WR, and allows us to use our draft picks on more needed positions.


    I don't Keyshawn will ever not think he is a star. Did you happen to catch that interview between him and Michael Irvin, that was quite the ego contest. They were fighting like little girls.

  12. No wonder you think that Cato June is on the Steelers :P


    Nice job, you enjoy it?


    Yeah it's pretty cool. I'm only in Hawaii for three more months though adn then I move to Fairbanks, AK.

  13. I hope they pay you alot, I don't know what you do for a living but working until 9 PM sucks.



    I'm in Hawaii, it is only 2:30. And I'm an Officer in the Air Force so they pay me decent.

  14. Dude, have you been missing alot of sleep lately??


    June plays for the Colts, Hope plays for the Steelers.


    See what work does to you. 2 more hours and I'm going home

  15. Cato June? He's a linebacker.




    Edit: Okay then, I was worried about you vermin


    LOL, when I wrote that I was like wait a minute!!! I was talking about signing Hope the other day, so that's what went through my head quick. They are both steelers, LOL

  16. I agree with what you posted but I still feel that signing Lavar is the right thing to do. He has so much to offer and with the new talent coming back in to the NFC East, I think a major move like this may be necessary.


    I agree, I think we need to get a stud like Lavar or Petersen. For some reason though I think the Giants may not do this. I just hope that they make the right choice in the draft. I think that Bobby C. might be quite a steal in the first round. My roommate is a huge OSU fan and he watched every game this year, I asked him when Bobby C. was healthy if he was as good as Hawk. He said that they are very close and that Hawk is just a little better at this point. I say we take him or Greenway (if he keeps falling)

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