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  1. I don't know if EA has anything up his sleeve. But these signings seems like were at the end of the season and most of our corners are on the DL and were are just getting bodies.


    Tell me about it, but Madison is going to kick ass next year. How in the world do we only have $4M to spend. No wonder we aren't going crazy in free agency. Screw Lavar, I'd rather draft a rookie or sign greison if he is going to put us in a whole for years to come. And the way this article sounds, I think TC will put LV in his doghouse from the moment he signs, if the coach doesn't want him then don't sign him.

  2. The mentor thing was a joke. I was saying that since Keyshawn has such a good head on his shoulders is never complains that he would be a great mentor for TO. That way TO could see how a class act like Keyshawn acts in the clubhouse. :LMAO:

  3. The thing that pisses me off is that the Giants never update their damn web site, so we always hear who we sign from secondary sources. All other team have updates when the sign someone, and the Giants don't even have the Madison signing on there yet. Are their Web guys on Vacay or something! WTF :furious:

  4. Do you really think Will Peterson will be healthy enough to be a solid starter for us? I think even if he doesn't retire from this injury it will take at least a full year for him to recover.



    No, I don't think that he'll return from this injury. I wish that the Giants would update their web site though and give us some informatin about this. I'd like to know what the latest news is on his injury. Just think that 2 years ago they were calling our Cbs the best young tandom in the league.

  5. I agree that Webster has to start, but by some slight chance Will Pete is healthy then I would love to have him and Madison as our premier backs. If Will Allen comes back then things will get really tricky, but we will have more depth at that position then any team in the NFL.

  6. Deltoast is quite a story that he is even in the NFL. I think that he didn't even start playing football until a couple of years ago. If that's the case then who knows, Coughlin really liked him at the beginning of last season and said that he is really quick and reacts to the ball well, but he just needs to get out there and play and learn from his mistakes. It will be really good to have Madison around to teach him, he has all the tools but needs to learn to translate them to the playing field.

  7. I also agree to bring him back at the right price. That said, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him at the nickel by mid season.


    The guy can cover receivers with the best of them. Then the ball is put in the air and he becomes one of the worst CBs in the league. One of the worst instinctive players at that position that I've ever seen at this level. That's a strong statement, but I honestly haven't seen a guy have more problems playing the ball in my life. It's atrocious.



    LOL, it's almost like when the ball is in the air he gets nervous that he could possibly get an int. In his head he is saying "Please don't drop it, come on catch it, here we go, just put my hands together...OH SH#$" then as all this is going through his head he gets turned over backwards and trips over his shoelaces as Moss goes in for the score.

  8. I don't hate him. I'd like to see him back if the price is right...



    I agree with you that the price has to be right. I do think that some team will offer him a lot more than we ever would, and he'll have an awesome year next year.

  9. Ok I know that everyone hates Will Allen, but besides a couple of bad games (burnt by Moss) he has been solid. I think that 0 ints is horrible, but if he could just get 2 or 3 then he is one of the best Cbs in the league. I say we should sign him over any other FA Cb that is left on the market. Dyson is good, but I feel that him and Allen are pretty equal, with the only difference being that Allen already knows our system.

  10. Again. Another personal attack, but no reply or response to a legitimate post. Burress was not an impact player last year. After week 6 he all but disappeared, and then he became the head case and cancer that we heard he would be. The Giants gambled and lost with that move.



    Actually it wasn't a personnel attack at all. You're a Giants fan so you are automatically on good terms with me. I just think that you are being a little harsh. Coughlin has said he will have a meeting with Burress to discuss that horrible end to our season. I think that Burress can see how good this team is, and Coughlin will tell him that we need him to be on the same page to take us over the top next year.


    If Burress starts to publicly embaress this team and organization then I will agree with you that it was a horrible move and a mistake, but he has yet to do anything like that. Let's give him a chance in 06 and then celebrate together in about 11 months.

  11. Yeah Carbo, Plax made no impact. Are you SH#@ing me!!! Since when have we had a wide receiver put up those type of numbers. Don't even say that he gave up at the end of the season, this whole team was lost in that Carolina game. Just as we were frustrated watching that game as fans, the players were pissed that the game plan was crap and we had no answer for Carolina's D-fense or offense for that matter.


    Plax was a great pick up and we are going to see something awesome this year with this Giants offense. Believe me, being a fan I yell at the players all the time and say that they suck hoping that if you call them names then they'll do something good. Hopefully that's what your doing, because although true Giant fans get pissed at the players, like Plax for making some mistakes. We know that it is just a matter of time before they do something great.


    This is our year Carbo, and they'll be looking for all our support. You make the choice BROTHER!!!


    :rock::rock::rock: Go get em G-Men

  12. What other UFAs does Drew represent this year?


    Maybe he can help us get a few more key additions. This team is soooooo close to being a SB contender and Philly is moving farther and farther from it. Thanks Drew, keep treating us good and we'll help you with your crap reputation.

  13. NO WAY!!! The Broke Back Mountain Boys will not compete with us next year. Even with TO, remember that TO isn't getting any younger and if he thought Mcnab was bad then just wait until he sees his team pull a "Bledsoe". Maybe it will work out for the boys though, I mean Keyshaun can mentor him



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