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  1. I was just saying this to someone this weekend. The guy is so self-conscious out there its comical. The way he grimmaces when he fucks up, because he knows the camera is on him. He looks out into the field after each big strikeout because he can't bear to make eye contact with anyone in the stands. Puckering his big purple lips incessantly. A guy of his stature should be having fun out there and oblivious to everything outside the foul lines. He looks like he's consumed with it.


    I completely agree, coming to the Yankees is the worst thing that he has done in his career. AROD should be a god in NY, but he just can't get the job done when the yankees really need him. He puts way to much pressure on himself when he should just be having fun. I know if I was getting paid $25 Mil a year to play a sport I loved then I'd be having the time of my life. AROD is my least favorite yankee behind Randy Johnson, I miss the guys with heart that made us champions. Now we have a bunch of overpaid crybabies that piss me off. :TD:

  2. let me lay down something. I know every thing about the Yankees from about 95 on. Don't question my knowledge. And why attack me? Blue Jeans and xxi-xxv were saying the same stuff. Is it because I have the least posts out of the three of us?? Thats real cool. Don't pick a fight with me.


    wow! Since 95', what does that make you about 13?

  3. :LMAO::LMAO: owned, I can't remember those two being compared either.


    Don't question me Torn. Baseball is my sport and I wouldn't post bullshit about baseball, football now that is a different story.


    My dad is a scout with the Reds and I remember when he used to talk with other scouts about Jeter and Ordonez back in the early 90s. They thought Rey was going to be great, and he was a very great fielder, but the guy just couldn't figure out how to hit in the BIGS.

  4. Remember when they used to compare Jeter with Rey Ordonez. Everyone used to say that the Mets had the better prospect at shortstop than the Yankees. Look how that one turned out. The point I'm trying to make is that Lastings is a better prospect than Melky as of right now, and he is a better player. But, with that said both are very young and are still developing. Melky's stock and confidence are rising, so don't be so sure that Milly will be the better player, only time will tell. Who knows he may end up to be another Rey and Melky with some Yankee pride driving him to play the best he can will become great, just like Jeter did.

  5. Link


    This is a decent sign if he is over his knee injury. I like these guys that were undrafted free agents, but are sucessful in the NFL. Hopefully he can help us out a bit, if anything he gives us some more depth at least. Shiancoe will now have some competition for the #2 TE job, so maybe this will help him get his ass into gear.

  6. Once again, do some research before making an irrelevant post.


    Ricky only had 4 carries. Do you know why? It was the first preseason game for the Argonauts. They took it easy on everyone. Second, the CFL is a pass happy league. Most RB are expected to run a route 80% of the time. RB don't get many yards on the ground up there.


    Why should I do research on the CFL? I just saw the title of the article and that was enough for me. LOL, I mean if I really cared I would have read it, but since it has nothing to do with the G-men I could care less. Ricky is a great RB, it's just too bad that he has gotten this screwed up. He is now just trying to do enough so he can get some spending cash, the guy is broke.

  7. stats like this are almost pointless, it's what they do on the field that counts..


    it always amazes me when players stock rises after the combine...


    I agree, the combine produces more players who turn out to be bust because they hype them up so much

  8. He had kids with her and has not contested custody...the accusation of him being with another chick the day she gave birth I thought that was confirmed last year..


    if it's true thats a pretty shitty thing todo...


    I really don't think that you can believe anything that this woman says. SHe has already lied once and I believe that she is lying again. SHE WANTS MONEY!!!! If that means ruining Strays reputation to get it then that is what she'll do. He proably has a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean he treats he wants nothing to do with his kids. His wife is probably jealous and pissed that she isn't going to get $16 Million

  9. Read this article. I was actually shocked when I first read it, but it actually makes sense. NFL scouts times are a little exaggerated, probably because the public now sees a 4.4 as fast, but really there is only a select few in the NFL that can pull this off, so the scouts probably make low estimates on a guy who is really fast because of all the hype that surrounds it. I mean if they told us the fastest guy in this draft ran a 4.45, which is probably what it was, we would have the misconception that this would be one slow group in this years draft class.




    10. 40-yard dash times: Talk about exaggerated numbers. I remember when scouts would tell you they had Deion Sanders and Vance Johnson clocked at 4.19, which was astounding. It was also impossible. When Ben Johnson won the 100 meters in the 1988 Olympics -- a race he forfeited when he flunked a drug test -- he finished in 9.79 seconds and scorched the first 50 in 5.56 seconds. Experts who broke down his race into 10-meter increments estimated he went through the 40 at 4.38 seconds. Johnson was a notoriously fast starter. He was in spikes. He was on a fast track. And he had a slight tail wind. Yet NFL scouts would have you believe Deion or The Vance was faster. Hey, at this year's scouting combine they had tight end Vernon Davis clocked at 4.4, with two estimates of 4.38. I know he's fast for his size, but let me ask you: Who wins in a 40 ... Ben Johnson or Vernon Davis? Thank you.

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