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  1. I'm not a Mets fan but I love to watch him play. The Mets have a solid young team and I hope they can lock in Willie for the long run. He's by far the best coach you've guys had in a long time.

  2. Thought I would post this.....I know it's star mag material....


    ok kill me...


    That bitch is crazy, but all this will keep Stray pissed off and when he finally gets out on the field he'll be excited to get out some aggression.

  3. Damn, i was 2nd string on var and 1st on JV but now it looks like our 1`st string var guy is hurt, i think he broke his foot, so im starting now!! :rock:


    So now your team is going to suck. J/K, you shouldn't be happy that your teammate got hurt, you should work that much harder than him so you can beat him out for the starting job.

  4. It's great that these asswipers are now bothering other people with their crazy talk. Everyone at Giants.com are getting soooo pissed at them. I've never been a member of that board and it is funny to see all the posters there go through the shit that we used to have to deal with.

  5. Farns has excellent stuff and it is just a matter of time before he is "lights out!" We need all the depth we can get in the pen though, so dotel must get back. If this team is going anywhere it needs Farns to start taking command and pitch with some confidence out there.

  6. i was watching this game. He mouths "No sit down" to joey. It was pretty funny, but Kay made a production of it


    Moose is a cock in the clubhouse and isn't a team player at all. He is one hell of a pitcher though, I don't think he said "No sit down" I think he said "No I'm Good"

  7. At least they realize Tiki isn't a threat...I mean when is the last time he had 500+ receiving yards :confused: ...Oh wait that's right he had 500+ the last 2 seasons


    This is the stupidest rankings I have ever seen. Yeah Detroit's WRs have really kicked some ass. And the Saints WRs had a great year last year. This article is the type of shit that gets put out when there is nothing going on in the NFL because it's June. I'm sure that it took a lot of time and research to write this article.





    I love that they rated us at 6-10. I hope that every freakin body rates us like this. Face it, when the Giants are supposed to do good something always happens and we end up sucking. When we are supposed to be shitty, we normally put together a pretty damn good season. I just hope that ESPN and Sportline at least put us at #10 in the Power Rankings and hopefully put Washington ahead of us, then we will have something to prove. :TU:

  9. There was an article on it...I don't remember where I read it.


    Well I hope that it's true. I think this kid has talent and I was really upset to hear this. I thought that when Toomer retired that him and Moss would fight it out for the #2 WR position. That's if he can stay on the field, and that is a huge IF????

  10. I agree with a lot of what was said, which leads me to see this grade as a bit biased. In other words, it seems as if the writer is a Giants fan or works for the Giants. Probably not the case, just seems that way.


    Making the same points the writer made, I'd put them at a B-/C+


    All draft grades are absolutely retarded. A grade should not be given until 2-4years after the draft. About 75% of the guys that they say are going to be good turn out to be pieces of shit. Just look at the 2002 draft and you'll see how great a first round pick and talent shockey was compared to a lot of those other clowns that were chosen in that draft. People keep saying that KIWI was a stupid pick, well I say lets wait and see what happens in 2 years when Stray is gone. KIWI could possibly turn out to be the best pick taken in the whole 1st round. That's only if Bush turns out to be a bust, like Vince young and Leinart are proably going to be.

  11. This is all crazy talk. Coke would give him energy for about 30min-1Hr, and after that high was over he would be going through the with draw stage and feel like shit. Unless Parcells allowed him to down a few lines in the locker room at halftime.


    If anything, coke lowered his numbers instead of increasing them. Who knows how many more sacks he would have gotten if he didn't miss time due to drup suspensions. He may not have even retired when he did and could have played an extra 2 or 3 years. He was never seriously injured.


    So unllike Barry where steroids has no doubt extended his career (we see what has happened to him now since he can longer take them) Coke has cut Lt's career short.

  12. I'll even take him a step or two slower, so long as he teaches Webster and Deloatch some technique.


    I really hope that McQuarters can step up an make a contribution. Deloatch has to get better, he did great at the beginning of the year, but then faded. He hasn't played football for very long so he's still learning, and he has all the tools to be a good Cb.

  13. Oh man, you aren't kidding...


    No doubt, 3rd and 20 would be almost automatic!!!


    Eli has to make some more strides this year.


    The secondary, enough said!


    The way we use Jacobs, lets get him more involved.


    Our Defensive Tackles, we need someone to step up and stuff the run


    Not that Osi needs to improve but he will, and I can't wait to see it :TU:


    Huffs play calling

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