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  1. This team needs an Coaching overhaul,, is what it needs.
  2. It is the Offensive Coordinator and the Head Coach that fuck us week in and week out.
  3. STFU! You obviously have zero clue about this team. Not one single player, defense or coach has been able to stop out run this year yet, we completely abandon it and let Eli trhoe 40+ time a game, with single digit completions.
  4. it's HotCarl2156. You'll get an invite when I get more peeps. i cant get onto the GMB yet so, Its just you and me right now. lol
  5. I'm starting up an AIM chatroom to talk it up during the game, realtime. If anyone wants in, let me know. I'll send the invite. Go Giants!!
  6. "Bend over, Ron. It's time again."
  7. He's most likely just upset that his buddy Andre 'Dirty' Waters sucked on the business end of a handgun.
  8. BadEgg, havent seen you here for a while. I guess that means the Cowboys won one? Gotta love the trolls.
  9. I'm not buying Moss playing on Sunday until I see it.
  10. Funny, this is one of the sites that 'sometimes' get blocked by our content filter here. Every single time it gets blocked it's for the same reason: Racisim/Hate/Violence. I shit you not.
  11. It pretty much is scrappign the barrel but, there was this older guy in the unit I was deployed with who, all of last season, was pissed that they let Legree go. He's a smart dude and a huge Giants fan. I don;t remember much about Legree but, I trust that dudes opinion.
  12. man, wtf is up with you fags??? I mean, you guys are E-Fighting like two little girls and then VG wants to take sides like someones Big Brother. You guys need to take the panties off. *I don;t really mean any of the previous statement. I just realized that as long as I've been on this site reading and posting, I haven't gotten into one argument and didn;t want to be run out of town.* <--- A smiley not used nearly enough
  13. I don't read where anything was said about fractured backs. EA said, 'if it were all backs....'. Most likely reffereing to Plax's back spasims.
  14. Sorry for talking shit, Chad. You still suck, though.
  15. I know he dropped it but, why throw it into double coverage short of the marker on 3rd down. And Jesus Christ, we just lost Petigout for the year.
  16. I love Tiki but, I think with all this rain, we need to lean on Brandon a bit more.
  18. Feely, you'd better fuckin tackle because you sure as shit can't kick!!
  19. I'm right with you on that one. All the FG's he makes no longer makes up for all the one's he's missed.
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