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  1. Pretty easy to see why, with all the rings, MVP's and playoff victories he has to his credit!
  2. It will make me physically ill if Tom Coughlin becomes the coach of the Eagles. Stupid move on the Giants part for not getting him a real defense. Stupid to get rid of him instead of the guy who put this team (especially the defense) together. If he wants to coach again, God bless him. But PLEASE..... ANYWHERE but Philly! Here we come 1970's..... ughhhhh.
  3. These LB's WILL turn into LT, Carson, and Banks! Just give them time! :: eye roll:: They better have a MONSTER draft this year!
  4. I certainly wouldn't want to see any more of the "talent" we have at LB on the field! That, to me, has to be the number 1 priority in the draft. Hard to believe how far we have fallen at the position we were known for once upon a time!
  5. In 2007, before Ahmad Bradshaw's run against Buffalo that basically catapulted the Giants into the playoffs, I was on the Cowher bandwagon too. Now, I can't imagine finding a better coach, and a finer human being than Tom Coughlin to lead this team. Two days later, and I am still bummed. It's hard to witness the end of an era. I'm sure once everything settles down, and I know who is going to be here, things will be fine. Right now, though, it's difficult to be enthusiastic.
  6. Thanks. What I don't get is that Mara said several times that they didn't give him the players he needed to win. So WHY is Reese still here?? I really hope that Coughlin stays in this organization as a talent evaluator!
  7. I missed the first 5 minutes. Did they show how many players were there for Coach Coughlin?
  8. IMO, Reese has lived off of the all time great draft he had in 2007 for a very long time. He has come up with some hits and some misses. Why can Reese live off that 07 draft (which again, was an all time great one) even now, but Coughlin cant continue to live off of the 2 Super Bowls?
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Remember when we had Johnny Parker? It seemed like we never had so many injuries back in those days.
  10. I started rooting for the Giants at some point during the '81 season, when I was 12, so I saw the end of Perkins. My uncle tells me stories of how it ended for Allie Sherman, with people mockingly singing "Bye Bye Allie" to him during his last days/weeks.
  11. Couldn't agree more Tempest. What a weak and classless move. I could see if there was a month left in the season. But to fire a coach five DAYS before the last game? What a Philly move!
  12. Barring any last minute changes of heart, I will have been a fan through the golden era of Bill Parcells and the golden era of Tom Coughlin. Wow does it make me fool old to know that I have seen the entire Giants coaching careers of two legendary coaches and Hall of Famers.
  13. They said he walked off the field to a standing ovation.
  14. For Strahan to say that about Coughlin is really remarkable, since Strahan, by his own admission, absolutely HATED Coughlin up until 2007.
  15. I hope so too, G. He IS gonna be 70 though, so if he does leave here, I don't see him trying to get another coaching job. I really hope not, anyway!
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