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You're the Coach.


Pick your starting QB  

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  1. 1. For the Titans, I would start:

    • Billy Volek
    • Vince Young
  2. 2. For the Bears, I would start:

    • Rex Grossman
    • Brian Griese
  3. 3. For the Lions, I would start:

    • Jon Kitna
    • Josh McCown

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Volek because he learned under McNair, and by all accounts, is a competent QB. Young just isn't ready yet, and unless they toss the whole season under a bus, then he's not the best choice.


I picked Grossman because his problem isn't his ability, it's staying on the field. Griese has had his chances, and proven that he's a mediocrity.


Kitna has some ability. He's shown he can be a starter in Cincinnati, but wasn't kept because they have Palmer. He's like the prototype for Drew Brees, where the light turns on for a QB, but the team has already given up on him and drafted a QB high.

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wow im the only one who voted mccown? i like kitna too, but i don't think we've seen the best from mccown yet, i still think of that last game of the season two years ago when he drove the cardinals down the field to beat the vikings

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