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Let's go Reds.......


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Dodgers? Alright bandwagon....It's only a matter of time before they're in your sig......

Please, I had them picked to win the west beforew the season started, I had the Cards going to the series, but I think the Dodgers could beat the Cards and the Mets in the playoffs.




As for my sig, I've been a Rangers fan forever, if I was gonna change teams it would have been last year when I picked them to win 95 games. <_<

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I can't take the Dodgers serious. Didn't they do this earlier, streak to the top only to fall? The Reds have been in it all along. They also play better on the road than dem bums.


Actually, I was only kidding. It's gonna be a NY subway series. That is if those queenzies can keep those paraplegics healthy.

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I have to agree with the prospect of another subway series. Tell me who in the NL has a better pitching staff and pen? The only team I would be worried to beat the Mets is the Padres. And I will not get into the AL because we all know what is going to happen in the WS anyway.

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