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Good to see we're facing Cy Young

so-cal dub

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The Rangers announcers are such homers.

The announcers are douschebags! I wanted to put my hand through the TV and choke that fucker after he said what he did about our injuries. "What do they care? They can go cry into there big bags of money"

Eat adick, faggot!

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LMFAO 4 K's for and no hites through the first 3 innings back from a 4 month injury and he didn't look sharp? Did you just tune in after the no call of Arods check swing or what? :LMAO:

Notice when I made the post. He was beginning to lose his control.

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I agree they are worse. I wish with MLB.tv or MLB Extra Innings you could chose the broadcast you wish to watch.

Yeah, I mean i know Tom and Josh are homers, but so am I so I like it, if I wanted unbiased game calling I'd watch espn, oh wait.



Anyway, thats a good idea they should look into.

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