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Stewart's Mouth


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"Its never my fault this isnt bush racing, these guys gotta learn "blah blah blah blah .............


100% sterwart fucked up and lost his temper cause he got beat off of the corner hey if Clint Bowyer is going faster and a quarter pannel ahead of you and you are headed for the wall why dont you try backing out of the gas a touch . but no you wreck the guy and cause Carl Edwards to wreck .



now stewart seems ok with me but dont be a Jackass. what did he say before the daytona 500 this year about keep "our" cool and using our heads out there this year .


double standards if you ask me.........


Edit- I just rewound my dvr and listened to Stewart again an he said every ones got to be patient and when asked if he needed to be more patient he said no WTF

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I don't know, Gordon shoving Kenseth while wearing his helmet qualified him as the biggest bitch in my opinion.

ahh, Kenseth deserved it. Gordon had that race won. He had to stand up for himself, even though I cannot stand Gordon.

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