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NFL Power Rankings Pre-Week 1: The race is on to unseat the Rams


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26. New York Giants
Mock rank: 26 (6.6 wins)

The good news: Long term, the same adult-in-the-room bump that applies to the Jaguars replacing Meyer with Pederson figures to be at play in the swamplands of North Jersey with Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll replacing Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge. Short term, the Giants have the easiest schedule in the league based on Vegas’ projected win totals.

The bad news: The offensive line might still be a mess, and the returns are probably already in on the quarterback, if we’re being honest.

Nugget to remember: Since 2000, the Giants have fallen behind with only 22 winning seasons across football and baseball to the Cardinals’ 27.

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Seems about right.

If the Giants get lucky with some of the "easier" opponents they might push 8 wins max.

Other than that it's just a rebuild year.

Another rebuild year.

To go back all those years ago and remember what it was like to actually expect the Giants to win games.

Oh 2007, 2008, 2012. 

All so far away now. 

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