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Was it Brady all along?


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Bill Belichick is the best coach in the history of the league. However, his draft picks have been pretty terrible of late and his coaching tree sucks. In the past two years the team has looked like ass.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady won the Super Bowl last year and looks like he'll probably do it again this year.

Was it Brady all along?

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My two cents.

1) Brady left a team in decline, as said draft picks not working out, FAs leaving in mass, for a team one good QB away from a playoff push in the Bucs. When you go from Famous Jamies one of the worst starting QBs out there to Brady, you'll get better by default. They already had a top 10 offense and a good defense, Brady just gave them the push to be better.

2) Last year they had to suffer with a QB in Newton who couldn't throw a ball beyond 20 yards,and are now running with a rookie QB. The Patriots are kinda where the Giants were two years ago, in a state of limbo rebuilding.

If Brady stayed in NE I'm sure they would still be a shit team, just slightly less shitty.

The Bucs probably go out and get a better QB like Stafford and probably still make a playoff run.

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