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Why the Houston Astros are baseballs biggest cheaters

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I don't understand why people aren't outraged by what the Houston Astros have done. The Yankees, dodgers, giants, red Sox ext get chastised for having big budgets and singing big free agents and taking on salary for great players on another teams salary dumb...but the Astros are the greatest thing since sliced bread who have done nothing wrong and deserve all the success they're now having.



They purposely tanked almost a decade of baseball..that alone should call for some kind of reprimand.


Got top five draft picks for almost a decade because of said tanking..signed no free agents, out out a product that most varsity high school teams could compete with.


Now they've got tons of money..you know small market Houston..hahahaha..it's like the fifth biggest city in the country. And tons of prospects.


And people have the gall to call out Derek Jeter for doing exactly what the Astros did?


Bias much?


Ugh...I'm done..fuck the Astros..I wish that hurricane killed the entire organization

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Marlins have done it 3 times including twice after championships and they haven't been competitive in a while. I guess Mr. November is trying to change that and looking long term.

yeah, but why do yhe Astros not only get a pass, but praise for purposely tanking for a decade?


Makes no sense. The Astros had 100 loss seasons, 95+ loss seasons, drafted in the top 5 for almost 10 years...in the 5 the biggest city in the country.


Fuck the cheating Astros. How is what they have done not bad for baseball.


The end justifies the means doesn't cut it or excuse it. They should have to be banned from playing for ten years...or at least not been able to draft in the first two rounds in those years they purposely tanked

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Mccutchen isn't going to be their leadoff cf?


Well, lucky for the Giants, the Yankees have a native American cf leadoff hitter that can be had for almost nothing.. they'll even pay half his salary.


Sabean is a terrible gm, sure he will make this trade

he's not the gm

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shows how much I pay attention...he still sucks.


Who is their gm now, Evans?


Whoever thier gm is, the horrible Brian sabean is their boss, so there's still the sabean factor to deal with. He loves making bad deals

yup only 3 championships in this century- awful- oh wait....

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yup only 3 championships in this century- awful- oh wait....

he is widely known as a bad gm.


The giants won in spite of his awful work.


And what did he do in the 15+ years before that?


Even he couldn't fuck things up with those draft picks that turned out to be studs and the division being terrible.


Not taking anything away, it's hard to win the world series..but sabean is a good scout, bad gm

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Then I dont understand your critique. He had hits and misses just like Cashman.

you can't compare them...cashman is the best gm in the game..has been..guy is a ninja..cilmbs buildings and jumps out of planes in the off-season.


He is as smart and shrewd as their is.


Again, I'm not taking anything away from the Giants in general...if they never left ny, I'd be a giants fan today..my father was a giants fan, but switched to the Yankees when they left for San Fran. It's hard to win the world series..but sabean is not a good gm

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Ok, so you really have no reason for your opinion. Don't like his mustache, maybe?


I would like to see Cashman be the GM of Seattle Mariners or Tampa Bay Rays before I go ahead and crown him. The Yankees without Steiny are the easiest team to GM for.

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