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In the aftermath of a pisspoor showing in Primetime....here are my ranting thoughts about the game


1) Playcalling - Our playcalling has got to be the absolute worst in the league right now. It is unacceptable that with ODB, Cruz (who is looking full steam and health BTW) and Shepard - that they put together have single digits in terms of catches. Its not like they were covered by Deion, Woodson and Revis. The OL did a terrific job today in terms of protection but still the Giants offense needs to blow the damn lid off. They are playing too tight and close and too many checkdowns. And we try going deep at the wrong times. At the absolute worst times.


2) Beckham - The dude just flat out wants to win and plays harder than anyone I know. The Giants are just not getting the ball enough to him and his frustration is well warranted. He is now under the mag glass and gets called for shit that are not his fault. The unsportsmanlike call was absolute bullshit after he got hit out of bounds IMO. And then Rogers kept on trying to get under his skin - good that Odell kept his cool throughout after that. But if you cannot design plays to get the ball to Odell the way Green, Brown, Jones are used - then well - we really really do have a problem in our offensive system and this worries me greatly. We should have been testing the middle of the secondary early with our 3 WRs - 15-25 yrd strikes. The OL was giving that kind of time....but we didnt do shit. In no game should Rainey have more targets and catches than our WRs. That itself is a sign for the coaching to get out the damn door ASAP


3) Defense - This was a game where our DL was supposed to dominate their OLine and pressurize Minny into mistakes. Sadly that never happened. Almost every opposing coach is able to outthink our defense and design plays accordingly. I dont know the stats - but Im pretty sure the Giants D leads the league in allowing drives of 10 plays, 80 yrds and 7-8 min clock time. It started with Dallas and it is happening every week. The offense is just able to sustain long drives easily against us. Minny was effortlessly able to convert on thirddown when it mattered.....and they just kept extending drives.


4) Officiating - Lets not even go there. It was obvious they were all in to have Minny win its primetime game at their new stadium and showcase it to the world. Fuck that shit.


Our secondary was decimated and poor wade was picked on too easy and too often. But if that was the case - when Washington was fucked with their secondary and OBJ was anyway owning Norman - then why did we not try exploiting the same thing. Our intelligence on coaching is severely lacking and we have idiots running the show. We are getting outcoached every game.


When was the last time the Giants had a nice 10 play 80 yrd 7 min drive? Converting third downs with smart plays, getting our WRs involved big time? I cant recall. This offense does not have a plan - just talent. Our defense lacks both. We overall suck.


What the hell were the thinking in loud stadium that audibles will work. 6 secs left on the playclock and they suddenly change up some shit...nobody knows what anyone else is doing and they just chuck it downfield??? Both times that happened it was sure fire INTs!!! Eli should run the no huddle and take some control. Ive had it with this coaching staff.....



More to come...fingers are tired.....TLDR

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I'm not getting too wound up over this team. The Giants proved to me last week that they're the same old Giants. We'll be 2-4 in two more weeks en route to a 7-9 season.


Can't wait for JPP to turn it on once we're out of playoff contention though.

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I knew from the get-go it was going to be a long night... I'm actually glad though we lost, we didn't exactly shit the bed... What got us was the turnover early... that put us in a hole we couldn't come out of...


ODB was double teamed quite a bit... I can't fault Eli for not targeting him more... The OL didn't give the O more time for plays to develop... Our D was decimated by injuries... both of our starting DBs were out... All in all it was a decent game.. that we lost.. not too mad about it...

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