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Giants Linebacker Uani' Unga fighting to make the team.


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....Unga's career has been riddled with stops and stutters. A Mormon, his two-year mission to Guatemala pushed back his college career. He played at Oregon State for two years, and at Brigham Young for his last two. At BYU he was a walk-on captain and led the country in tackles as a senior before injuring an ACL in his final game. He required months of recuperation and wasn't drafted....



I like the tape I've seen....plays downhill, knows how to shed a block, and shows ability to read and react (I know that bring back some bad memories, but still, it's important for a MLB).







....In the Giants’ preseason opener against the Cincinnati Bengals, the young man finished with three tackles in 36 defensive snaps and one pass defensed, according to the NFL’s official game book.


“I thought he did a great job of taking over the role as the 'Mike' [line] 'backer and making calls,” Herrmann said of Unga’s preseason debut.


“He got in on a few plays, made a hell of a play tipping the ball. He made a great call in there and got the guys lined up.


Last week against Jacksonville, Unga finished second on the team with six tackles (five solo) and one pass defensed.


The modest Unga described his performance last week as “OK,” adding that he has a long way to go, especially if he’s called upon to play a larger role in the defense than he currently holds.


“I’m not trying to get ahead of myself,” he said. “I’m just trying to prepare myself if the opportunity comes, and hopefully I’ll be ready.”


To make sure he is ready for whatever comes, Unga has formed a close bond with Beason, the three-time Pro Bowler who has a history of being generous with advising younger teammates.


Among the areas that Beason has helped Unga with include spotting opponents’ tendencies based on formations and dissecting the minutest detail of a play.....



Given that Beason is so brittle, I think this Unga kid deserves a long look....worst case scenario is he helps our special teams and learns a bit under Beason.

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Good to see Beason doing something constructive with all the free time he has...since he can't ever get on the field.


Really can't depend on Beason, and McClain to me is strictly a backup. This Unga kid seems to show good skills against the run and pass coverage.

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