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NFL Spring league?


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Hasn't this been kicked around a lot by owners and everything?

Isnt that why the whole American Football League got kicked off in the 60s but folded due to lack of interest.


I would assume it would be the same thing today.


If it isnt a college team with a rabid fanbase (lol dont know why college ball is worse then pee-wee) or without all star players, people just dont have any interest.


NFL Europe, XFL, CFL.


People just dont care if there's no stardom to it.

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It is another small measure that is also going to fail because this is about improving the NFL product. Europe and XFL failed because it wasn't up to the quality of the NFL. College stars go to the NFL and everyone else ends up in the CFL or Arena League.


The smart way to improving the NFL product is by increasing the size of the NFL roster including starters and practice squad. 53 active players and only 46 on game day needs to be tossed. 60 active with 60 on game day with a practice squad of 20 players.

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