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nathan eovaldi

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With ivan nova coming back tbis week wouldnt it make sense to put nate in the bullpen over adam warrren? Warren was a starter his entire collegiate and pro career up until last year and has done a good job.


Nate on the other hand cant seem to get out of the fifth inning in any start..and his stuff screams late inning releif pitcher. It makes sense to move eovaldi to the pen not warren.

I think eovaldi will make a very good relief pitcher..as he has proven he isn't a very good starter

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Too late now but I agree evoldi would be a stud reliever...


But warren has experience in the pen last year and is solid. He's a #3 starter at best but he's more of a 4/5


Evoldi lately has pitched like a #2 starter and is still up and coming.


If he gets his 2/3 pitches going like he has he is a legit #2 going forward. He was throwing 100 mph today in the 8th inning and has the highest Average velocity of all starting mlb pitchers.

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