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May 16, 2006 -- Jonas Seawright recalls two meetings last season with coach Tom Coughlin to discuss how the practice-squad defensive tackle was acting as a new member of the Giants.


There were issues that needed to be addressed. "Becoming a professional on and off the field," Seawright said yesterday during a break at rookie mini camp. "Just adjusting to carrying myself as a professional, little things like pulling my pants up, respecting people more."


Having his baggy pants droop down below his hips was merely one transgression that Seawright chalks up to youthful immaturity. More than once, he went a bit too hard in practice, ticking off veterans, and one time he greatly displeased Michael Strahan, the dean of the team's defensive line.


"Me and Stray got into an argument," Seawright recounted. "I'm always aggressive. Everyone's supposed to go easy on Strahan. I came out a little aggressive in one drill. I guess he was having a bad day. There was a little back and forth, but we're cool."


Now seeking a spot on the real roster, Seawright says he's invested in five belts and promises to hike his pants up whenever he feels them descending. He's not on the scene for show, as there's a starting spot open at nose tackle and Seawright, Damane Duckett and rookie Fred Cofield are the untested players vying for the role last year filled by Kendrick Clancy.


Of the group, Duckett has the most experience with limited action in eight games. Cofield, a fourth-round draft pick from Northwestern, might be better-suited as a "three-technique" pass-rushing defensive tackle but he's being looked at as a nose tackle. Seawright at 6-6 and 340 pounds is the biggest of the bunch, and Coughlin said he was "unblockable" at times.


"He's big dude and he's a fighter too, that's why I kind of like him," guard Rich Seubert said. "He's got something. He doesn't give up. He goes hard. Being an offensive lineman you're going like "C'mon," but you understand where he's coming from. You were in his shoes once."


Seawright wasn't drafted out of North Carolina and the Giants did not want him to grow as big as he did. They'd like him to get down to 330 or 335. "That's tacos and Mexican food," Seawright said of his added girth.


At 6-4 and 309, Cofield is considerably smaller than Seawright, built more along the lines of Clancy, who did a solid job last season before departing for more money from the Cardinals in free agency.


"[Defensive line] Coach Waufle actually compared me favorably to Clancy," Cofield said. "Honestly it's a position of need, so if they feel like I have the ability to play multiple spots, why not put me at the spot where the team needs me most?"


Coughlin admitted "not much" about his nose tackle candidates can be evaluated without pads, leaving training camp in Albany as the proving ground.


"To tell you the truth, I don't know who I have a leg up on," Seawright said. "All I know is I got two legs and I got to use 'em."


And, at least one belt to keep his pants up.




Coughlin said the signing of LB LaVar Arrington has already been beneficial.


"I really think he has been a really good, enthusiastic, energetic shot in the arm for the whole team," he said. Arrington and fellow LB Antonio Pierce spent nearly an hour inside the practice bubble watching the rookies in the afternoon.



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After being invisible on the practice squad in 05, this guy finally gets an interview and what is the first thing he says? "I have to pull my pants up." I almost died laughing. :LMAO:


That alone was better than any of the "Legend of" entries ("Jonas Seawright is the only natural predator of the great white shark.") I really look forward to "The Notorious S.E.A" tearing it up this year.

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