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Starting Pitcher Possibilities

Blue Jeans

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Pitcher Victor Zambrano is now out of the picture after injuring his right elbow against the Atlanta Braves, Saturday. Zambrano will be out for probably the remainder of the year and that leaves Mets management with a suprising question.


As much as I, and many other Mets fans wished for this, the injury caused more harm to the Mets than it did good. Knowing that pitcher Jose Lima is only a short term solution Mets management must explore other options.


At the start of the season I was also a fan of putting Aaron Heilman into his natural starters spot, but Heilman has excelled in that spot and it does not look like the smart thing to do, as it could weaken the bull pen more, and we do not want that to happen. Unless another set up man that appeals to the Mets becomes avalible I do not see Heilman moving out of his position.


Realistic Possibilities


Oliver Perez,Pirates- According to MLB Trade Rumours, the following was said about Perez being shopped around:

Oliver Perez Available?

Here's a new one for ya, courtesy of Baseball Prospectus's Will Carroll yesterday:


"One rumor from the last few days is that Oliver Perez and Ryan Doumit are being dangled to the Phillies."


Would this deal make a good fit? It seems a foregone conclusion that Mike Lieberthal is spending his last year as a Phillie, so the team does need to begin thinking long-term about its backstop. Doumit would be a decent option. Ronny Paulino has impressed the Pirates so far, and just a few weeks ago Jim Tracy indicated that Humberto Cota would start more often than Doumit for defensive purposes.

Perez has been shakey thus far but maybe the Pirates would look to deal with the Mets.


Greg Maddux, Cubs The following has been taken from Gotham News having to do with the possibility of the Mets bringing in veteran pitcher Greg Maddux of the Cubs:


The guys at Gotham Baseball cite ‘industry sources,’ as saying the Cubs are actively shopping RHP Greg Maddux, who has an ERA of 0.99 this season following four starts…


According to Gotham, the Mets, as well as the Yankees, Brewers, Phillies, D’Backs, Royals and Cardinals, among others, are interested…


…i have no idea what to make of this…honestly, i have not had my hands in the rumor mill for quite some time, since teams typically do a whole lotta talking, and no trading, prior to june…that being said, the only team in that above list that i have ever heard linked to the cubs and maddux is the phillies, and, honestly, i would not even put a whole lot of stock into where i heard that from…


Jeremy Affeldt, Royals Early in the off-season the Mets were trying to acquire this young pitcher with a lot of promise from the Royals, but he was part of a package with another prospect and the Royals figured we asked for too much, so the deal never went through. Kris Benson, who we at first were looking to trade is now gone and we would need to trade others, But he, unlike stars like Dontrelle and Zito would not deplete the farm system. The Royals have showed no recent interest in trading him away, he is currently 2-2.


Non-Realistic Possibilites


Barry Zito

Billy Beane has currently asked for Lastings Milledge straight up, if you don't know, Milledge has been labled as a super prospect by the Mets and other teams, and I would personally not make this trade or any other trade that depletes our farm for Zito, as he will be a free agent after next year, but stand watch! Minaya is a very aggressive GM.


Dontrelle Willis

The Marlins, as we know are prospect happy. Willis, arguably one of the best young pitchers in baseball is a free agent after next year and possibly re-signing him would double the Marlins pay-role, which currently stands at only 17 million. In return, the Marlins have reportably asked for Milledge and another prospect and in another deal David Wright, which was quickly rejected. I personally could live with the fact of Milledge-Willis, though.


Possible Good-Byes if we make any trades.


Cliff Floyd- Slumping Cliff Floyd could be dealt to a team that is willing to give up pitching. Floyd's contract has 2 years left, but Lastings Milledge is tearing it up in Norfolk and many fans want him in the bigs ASAP.


Ramon Castro Many overlook the Mets backup veteran catcher but Castro has proven he can start in this league just as well as some top catchers. I would not be suprised to see him with another team at the trade deadline but I would definately miss him.


Victor Diaz This would be a question but some teams may think he can play consistantly on the major league level.


Prospects that may be dealt:

Carlos Gomez

Philip Humber

Tony Piazza

Jeff Keppinger

Alay Soler


In other news...

Tom Glavine is coming back to pitch for the Mets next season, meaning he'll very likely earn his 300th victory in a Mets uniform.


"We're going to pick up his option," one Mets decision-maker said Friday.


One of the smartest moves the Mets made was their quiet, heretofore-ignored agreement with Glavine to restructure his contract in March 2005. That's when they changed his deferred payment schedule and, without notice or fanfare, added an $11-million 2007 option, a distinct bargain for the resurrected Cooperstown-bound pitcher with 279 career victories.


Had the option not been added, Glavine, 40, would have had his own option to return to the Braves, something we know he's considered before, thanks to Braves GM John Schuerholz's revealing book, "Built to Win."

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Maybe not for Maddux but I think we should shop around Gomez. It's great that he has speed but in a few years, we're still going to have a lot of speed.




Hernandez (?)


And that doesn't even inclue FA signings.

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