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Leave it to the Mets


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They fucking suck. The only fucking team that can completely erase any good feeling you would have about them after a 4 game sweep of the Yankees in 3 fucking games... losing to maybe the worst fucking team in baseball.


Maybe the worst fucking team is the Mets.


Scott Rice, you can fucking blow me. Seriously, you can't throw a single strike to Juan Fucking Pierre? 3 batters, 3 walks, 1 strike, in a 6-4 game with Harvey on the line for the win... and you fucking POS.... erase it by walking the bases loaded and then give up 3 runs.


Terry Collins... lick my asshole... take Harvey out of the game after he settles down and throws 3 good innings, hand over the game to your fucking bullpen that has been just been fucking murdered for 2 games by this shithole team in a shithole city... fucking 3rd world country Miami is. And you let a left handed pitcher who just walked the bases loaded stay in against a right handed hitter hitting .340 that your team hasn't been able to get out all day? FUCK YOU.


Can the Mets find a real manager? Your playing 2 fucking outfielders with no real future, 4th outfielders, when you know you have to find out what you have in the kids if you want to have any fucking outfield worth a shit in 2014, when you are "supposed" to be competitive... your playing Ankiel and Byrd practically everyday and fucking up Lagares and Valdespin in the head because they hardly ever get in the lineup. And why was Tejada ever thought of as a legitimate shortstop on this team when he clearly sucks as a hitter and sucks as a fielder? Maybe its his LACK of speed that is so enticing? Quintanilla has done more in 2 games than Tejada has all year. Fuck Ruben, I hope he never sees another game in the majors.


And Alderson, you cocksucker, you know your team is not even TRYING to fucking compete this year, but then you sign Rick Ankiel? FUCK YOU. How about finding a real fucking outfielder like the Marlins have in Ozuna? Why is this team so afraid to play a young player that can actually play? No, we have to fuck with his head after he has 5 years of putting up good numbers in the minors, and try to force him to hit the "way WE want" up at the major league level, then bench him so he gets 2 AB's a week.



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