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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones vows his team will beat Giants this season


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ALBANY, N.Y. - This is something I saw come across Twitter on Monday night and figured it would be a hot topic today once the dust settled from the Terrell Thomas injury news. So here we go.

Jerry Jones says his Dallas Cowboys will beat the Giants this season.


"Y'all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants' asses," the Cowboys' owner said during a ceremony to open the team's camp on Monday, per ESPN Dallas.

That ceremony, by the way, included skydivers. Yeah. Really. So it seems like it was a pep-rally type atmosphere and, as we all know from Tom Brady's unrealized promise to New England Patriots fans, people tend to puff up their chests at those things and throw out one-liners not necessarily intended as slights toward a specific person or team.

Too late.

Anyway, the Giants will face the Cowboys in Texas on Oct. 28. The first meeting between the teams will be in Jersey on Sept. 5 to kick off the NFL season.

The Giants won both games against Dallas last season - a 37-34 victory in Cowboys Stadium sealed by a blocked field goal by Jason Pierre-Paul and an easy 31-14 Week 17 victory to win the NFC East. They're also 3-0 in Cowboys Stadium.

* * * *

Looks like I forgot to mention here today is a day off for the Giants' players, so we won't have the standard updates. I'll have a story in Wednesday's paper and on the site here just as soon as I figure out which of the ones I've reported I feel like dropping.

Two notes first tweeted by Ralph Vacchiano on his account I've confirmed:

--Thomas is headed to California today for the consultation with Robert Ting the Giants said would occur. I'm not sure if he'll meet with Ting today or is traveling today and will meet with him on Wednesday. Either way, he's headed out there.

--Tests confirmed LB Michael Boley's hamstring issue isn't a major one. He'll be fine.

Mike Garafolo: mgarafolo@starledger.com

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Kind of sad the hard times the Cowboys and Eagles have fallen on.....and the pathetic pep rally by Jerry Jones.......Andy Reid suffers no dynasty illusions and was recently quoted he would play one game at a time..........how decent of him


I see both going south this year and the Skins taking the 2nd spot in the NFC East at 9-7 and making the playoffs.


We will finish somewhere between 11-5 and 13-3


My Thoughts

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