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So, anyone want to talk about T2?


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Seems there's been no mention of Thomas leaving training early twice so far (Fri & Sun) and I don't know if he even ran on Saturday.


From today:


CB Terrell Thomas left practice early to put an ice pack on his surgically repaired right knee (ACL). Coughlin said that will probably be the norm for a while.


I'm not very optimistic that T2 will be a starter for us this year.

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You are probably right, BK. I think we are still in good shape as of now, because I'm a big believer in Amukamara and I think both Coe and Hosley have potential to be good nickel corners. But I'm a bit more optimistic about T2 because by week 1 it will have been over a year since his injury. All will be revealed, I'm sure, by the time we hit week 1.

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I will hold out judgement. But I am a firm believer that it takes 2 years to fully come back from those knee injuries




I know he needs to get into football shape, but I'm concerned he's going to overdo it.

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