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This just in from Sirus NFL Radio


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The Eagles are going to win the NFC East.......did you guys know this? Stupid me I thought they had to actually play 16 games but apparently they are a lock


Also the Cowboys are going to win the NFC East.......they cannot seem to get this straight.


No reason given........Havent a clue who their WRs are in depth. Don't care that Dallas has no RBs....could care less that Vick is fragile and Tony is a 4th Qtr Pick Six King, the crown he inherited when Kerry Collins retired


The Cowboys apparently are going to win on the basis that Rob Ryan's system is going to sink in this year.......uhhhhhh but they have no players ........never mind........Rob Ryan can make chicken soup with chicken feathers


Tony Romo is clearly the best QB in the division, and Arron Rodgers (who we last saw when we handed his ass to him in front of his family)

is the best player in the NFL (best at getting his ass handed to him on his home field, ala Brett Favre)


We are going to come in 3rd (maybe) because we went 9-5 last year......never mind that Philly and Dallas records were worse.....that does not matter.......according to Sirius 4th is not out of the question for we could not beat DC last year and they have RG3 (a distant relative of C3PO) now playing his rookie year at QB......we all know how fantastic that usually turns out


Hey opinions are like assholes........everybody has one.......Apparently Sirius and ESPN have more than their share of "Dumb as a Post" football analyst assholes..........led by our very own well dressed Amani Toomer, who is sticking by his boy Tony to the bitter end


What do we have to do to get some recognition.......run the table unbeaten and un-scored upon winning by an average margin of 25 pts?????............fugetaboutit.....the Cowboys/Eagles would still be the pick in 2013.......anybody remember Colin Cowturd's season long Cowboys rant last year?.....BTW Cowturd refuses to take call ins......wonder why?


I cannot wait for us to get our hands on Romo's throat in Game #1........The Giants are going to be mighty pizzzzzzed in that one. we can thank Amani Toomer for this......Romo is going to send Amani his considerable hospital bill.........LOL HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! You cannot make this stuff up


Anybody ever listen to Gill Brandt (The Godfather of SIRIUS NFL) ....they actually call him that.........that guy could not get the word Giants out of his mouth if you held a knife to his throat......He like a geriatric Teddi Bruschi....... "Hey you kids........get off my lawn" ...errrrr...Field"


Gil cannot get through an evening without bragging that "he used to sit with AL Davis and Bill Parcells at the Combine"........never realizing both were using him as the perfect negative barometer

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I think you either have to go something like 14-2, and then one in done in the playoffs....or you have to sign a ton of big-name players....in order to get any recognition. Way it's always been.

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I like the lack of respect.


Keeps our men hungry. Once we 3 peat in our house, everyone will be our bitch.


It's not lack of respect... I'm sick and tired of hearing we're just not getting the respect we deserve.. let's call this for what it is.. they're haters... nothing less. No matter what the Giants do, we will always be the losers in the offseason. Fuck them... I hope JPP and Tuck take out Vick and Romo... that pic of Romo laid out on the field in what looks like a dislocated shoulder was classic...


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I think you either have to go something like 14-2, and then one in done in the playoffs....or you have to sign a ton of big-name players....in order to get any recognition. Way it's always been.


The Eagles and Cowboys win the NFC East and the SB every offseason.. nothing new.

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What all these knuckleheads seem to not realize was we surged last year as we clicked late together.....This is a newly constituted Giants team, it has risen, and will dominate for quite some time


Do we have weaknesses, sure........but others have worse


Sure the cowboys and Eagle and Skins are good.........that's great, but they are not good enough........same with SFO, they are QB limited


GB cannot compete with our D.......Tom Brady is now psychologically dominated


Rex Ryan has become a traveling clown


Will someone of Gil Brandt's radio staff who is sound of mind please remind Gil not to repeat the Al Davis, Parcells, Combine story every night.......I actually like the ol Guy but he's is a silent Giants hater


I dont mind all of these morons discounting the Giants, it happens every year, but they never give any rationale.........so you have to think its blind hating, and dislike of Tom and Eli.........maybe they are pissed we have no cheerleaders

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I just ripped them a new one on Sirius NFL Radio went ballistic............called them all out for disrespecting the Giants


Told them Gil Brandt was a Giants hater by omission (never talks about us)......One of the two talking heads admitted Gil's head was probably stuck back in 1978


They do not respect the Giants because they do not watch the games, and do not understand what our team is made of.....we are 53 man Champions.....not a collection of "Stars"......they just don't get it, don't understand Eli, and think we are an ordinary team that every 4 yrs "gets hot at the right time"


They did tell me to enjoy being perennial Champions because "a lot of teams fans (31) wish they were us".

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