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Mike Mayock's 2012 Mock Draft

Mr. P

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He has some similarities to my draft and other posters here. He has Coples to the Seahawks, which I also have. Also Fleener to the Texans which bigblue25 and I both have. Another pick he agrees with my mock is Melvin Ingram to the Jaguars.


But he has Cordy Glenn going to the Steelers with Dontari Poe AND Dont'a Hightower still on the board. I think that is crazy. Also the Bucs taking Richardson with Morris Claiborne on the board. Don't agree with that one either. I do think there is a strong likelihood of a trade up by someone in the first into the top 7 picks. I think Miami is the key because they can go Tannehill or several other players. But as it sits now, I think Claiborne is a Buccaneer unless someone else takes him.


He also has Upshaw going before Nick Perry, which I don't agree with, also Kendall Wright still going in the first round which I don't believe, either.


Also Shea McClellin going in the first at pick 28 to Green Bay is interesting. I like that pick, but didn't have the stones to put McClellin in the first round of my mock.


Really surprised to see him mock Doug Martin to the Browns at 22. And Stephen Hill going way too early at 20. It's still one of the better mocks I've seen, though.


It's also really surprising to see the Patriots get Nick Perry twice in the first round, at the same spot. They are always cheating, and now they've found away to get two Nick Perry's. That's bullshit.


I think if Jonathan Martin slides to 32 that is a great pick for us.

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I'd be ecstatic with Jonathan Martin in the first round. I just don't see him falling to us though. Too many teams need to fix their O-lines, and he's in the upper echelon of OT's. Without Martin protecting his blind side, Andrew Luck wouldn't be the player he is. Even Luck repeatedly says so.


He's a gifted athlete with long arms and sure feet and is an exceptional pass blocker. He's big, tall, faster, and quicker with his feet than most linemen. And he has an enormous I.Q. (turned down Harvard to go to Stanford...and would've been a 4th generation Harvard grad in his family) and one of the most important things about being an effective offensive lineman is "smarts". Compared to the rest of the positions, O-lineman typically blow the doors off the wonderlic along with QB's who are highly successful in the NFL. Wonderlics are supposed to no longer be made public, but before that rule went into effect, you could tell which QB was going to excel at the next level and which O-linemen were going to be mainstays on the team's line.


The knock on Martin is that at the combines, he didn't push up the barbells because of the effects of food poisoning so they say he needs to get stronger (even though the same analysts declare that he pushes the pile well when a run play is on), which really shouldn't be a problem with the Giant's conditioning coaches. Martin insists that he's the best OT in the draft and that he's better than Matt Kalil who is expected to be the first OT to go off the board. Time will tell, but I like that attitude.


In short: this guy can flat out ball!


If we get him, we'll have our left tackle position sewed up for the next 10 years. That'd make me very happy. I think we'd see Eli do cart wheels he'd be so happy.

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