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Need Help With Old Giants Game Footage


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After seeing the 1990 Giants v. 49ers NFC Championship Game thread, it reminded me that I want to find footage of an old Giants game. I just don't know where to start. maybe someone here can help.


Back in 1985 me & my friend both were at a game. He was sitting with his dad and I was sitting with mine (dad is a 53 year season ticket holder). We said we would me up at halftime, which we did. Before the start of the third, we decided we would try to sneak down and grab a couple seats. We were successful at grabbing a couple end zone seats. While there, a field goal kick goes over the net and right into my hands. What a rush! I wasn't sure if they were going to want the football back, so I took off my sweatshirt and wrapped it around the football. Now the yellow jacket security are looking my way and starting to point. We weren't very hard to find because everyone to our left is looking at us, as well as everyone to the right and in front of us. Now the "keep that ball" starts going it it's getting louder and louder. I tell my friend I'm outta here, I'm not giving this fuckin' ball back for nothing.The chant goes down but the security on the field is still looking my way. Now two guys come up and say these are their seats and asked "who caught that ball?" LOL. I said I did, and one of the dudes was pissed at the other for not getting back from halftime. The "keep that ball" chant starts up again and I take off back to my original seats. (which were upper tier 35 yard line on the other side of the end zone where I caught the ball) I get back & show my dad & uncles the ball. They were laughing & said "that's who they were chanting keep that ball to." That how loud it got.


Anyway, I would like to get footage from the game. There might be a chance we were caught on camera & I think it would be cool to see me and my friend as teenagers snatching that ball. I wouldn't even need the whole game since I can pretty much narrow it down to the early third quarter. It must have been the opening drive because we weren't there long.


Anyone have any ideas on how to get the footage from this game?

Giants vs. Cards Sept. 22, 1985








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Dude, that's fucking awsome... I can only imagine the rush. I recall i the early 90s some journalisty took a picture of me just hanging out in the streets of downtown brooklyn... later I learned it made the cover of a local magazine... the cover... a friend of mine who died of anurism a couple of years ago allegedly had a copy of it (he was 35 when he died :( )... I don't know where to begin to look for it... but back to you dude... I hope you can find the footage ... :praying:


Clarence, I was still 6 years old turned 7 a few days later on the 26th :D (of course I was chasing wild monkeys (literally) in the mountain outskirts of Taiz, Yemen).

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