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I do not know how we can go into 2012 with Gillbride and Fewell . Mara Said he wanted Change this season and no change has been made. Mara/Tish show Loyalty to Coughlin through 2012 . I hate to say but I think we will see the dynamic fools of Gillbride and and Fewell again in 2012 . why? because like Mara and Tish's Loyalty to Coughlin , Coughlin is also too loyal to his underlings I know he has fired some in the past but those calls came from upstairs. Unless Mara turns up the fire under Coughlin's pants Like they did when he got rid of Huffnagle and Lewis. After the 2012 season Coughlin will be 66. I don't think we will see another contract extension for Coughlin after that.

Then again it would mean you know you are going into the 2012 season with a lame duck coach..... So in essence is this actually Coughlin's last year? Hard to say because Mara and Tish may do the unthinkable and Fire Coughlin with a year left. They may offer him a job in the FO and then void his contract.

I basically feel that if Coughlin goes deep in the playoffs Mara and Tish let him stay one more year . One and done or no post season I feel they may (and probably should) take action. They will get a lot of pressure from the consumers of their product no doubt.



Coughlin. I like him but some times a hard decision just has to be made. I know he hasn't lost the locker room. There just needs to be a house cleaning after this year.


all other coaches: see ya wouldn't want to be ya

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I love being optimistic about the Giants. It's been so great to see them put together some terrific talent on this roster. This year too many of them didn't survive the preseason and that's a damn shame. But if Fewell is back next year I can't say I will have any faith in this team to go deep into the playoffs, and this saddens me given a team that I believe could have a defense that is dominant if used to their strengths.

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