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Defensive line positions


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With osi coming back what is our true potential? When Tuck gets healthy, and I would sit him out for this week, Who thinks it would be awesome to see:


LE: Osi DT: Canty DT: JPP RE: Tuck


I think a 3rd down and 8 this would destroy!! Send Kiwi in from a backer position(and/orRolle) and that would totally destroy ANY offense. Stunt JPP/Tuck and send Kiwi in between and send Rolle in on the same side and our defense will never give up another 3rd down this year. That is all.

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Don't take JPP off the field, period.


Have Osi come in on passing downs and for relief.


If he wants to prove he is worth the money he bitched and moaned for he will make use of what playing time he gets.

As cunning as I know the giants could be. They would under use Osi so the following offseason his price tag could be reasonable to match. Well that's what I hope. Osi is a great player if he stop bitching and be loyal. Ain't like he's eating Ramon noodles and driving a civic. I saw his MTV cribs show.

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