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Tom Coughlin calls a fake Punt??????


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Scott scored New York's first touchdown when the Giants caught the Patriots completely offguard with a fake punt.


Scott, a running back out of Maryland who had a 97-yard run against the Bears earlier in the preseason, showed his explosive speed again. He took the snap and was around the right side before the Patriots realized what was happening. He made a quick cut across the middle then sprinted for the end zone, getting the Giants within 17-10 with 14:50 left.


"You could tell they had no clue," said Scott, who told Coughlin on the sideline that the fake would work. "Before the ball was snapped I knew it was going to be a big play. I could tell. They were kind of inside anyway and I just knew I was going to make a big play."


Coughlin said he couldn't remember the last time he called for a fake punt, but the Giants had been practicing and thought it would be good to get some video of it in a game situation. He'll like what he sees.




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