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League Fines 4 Giants


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Four Giants among players fined by league on Friday



Ahmad Bradshaw's chop block in the end zone cost the Giants a safety in their 29-10 loss to the Titans last Sunday. Now that penalty also has cost Bradshaw a $2,500 fine.


Bradshaw's fine was one of six imposed by the NFL from the Titans-Giants game.


The NFL on Friday also levied fines of $5,000 each against Giants linemen David Diehl, Kareem McKenzie and Adam Koets. Diehl and McKenzie were penalized for unnecessary roughness and Koets was fined for a major facemask.


The league also has fined two Titans $5,000 each: cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who threw Giants wide receiver Steve Smith to the ground by his helmet, and Jason Babin, who was fined for a late hit with the crown of his helmet.



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It's the high/low combo. I think below the waist for the low offender.


right, I mean the low component of the play. I swear in the NFL its below the knees. At some lower levels it may be below the waist, but I can't recall a chop block called on a hit as high as Bradshaw's. And then to fine him? Doesn't seem fair to me.

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