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What will it take to win the game today?


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This is only my opinion, but I think the Giants can get sweet revenge today. Here's what I think should be the plan.




1) Throw the ball a lot and spread it around

2) Having a good air game opens up the field and Bradshaw excels when the grid is spread out

3) Use Beatty often as a Tight End to give Eli more time in the pocket




1) the defensive line has to concentrate on stopping the running game of Carolina - dittos with LB's

2) every 3rd or 4th play, an all out rush on the QB - keep him off his game



Okay....I know that's overly simplistic, but I think it'd work. I'm excited about this game and can't wait for kickoff.

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got to make Matt Moore beat them...I doubt he can.


But I'm tempering my expectations, I remember the first couple games of '07 too well. Its a new defense, they're probably going to get gashed for a few weeks, regardless of how well (or awful) they may be playing by the end of the year.


At this stage, it will be a good sign if the Giants can keep the Panthers under 150 rushing yards.

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