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LOLOL!!! Yes I have seen that one. That area looks like part of the South Bronx neighborhood where until recently I was an agency director. Back in Manhattan now (Dominican...er Washington Heights...lol). Guess I won't be seeing Hugh G. anytime soon. :smartass:

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I think I know that place. It's right where Queens blvd crosses Roosevelt Ave. One night, a few of us stole my old man's '46 Packard which he just picked up for around $20. It needed a tune up real bad, and it was hard to start.


We went to this place called Gildae's, a bar back about 5 blocks on Queens blvd, and about the only place in the area where you can pick up chicks, which is ironic when you think about it. Queensboro is a fit name since, at that time at least, there were more gay bars than places where hetero chicks frequent.


Anyway, there was nothing going on, so we just drank ourselves silly. On the way back, since it was my old man's car, and I was the only one who knew how to drive a stick, or so I thought, I let it stall right in the middle of the intersection of Queens blvd and Roosevelt in a pouring down rain. There was a lot more traffic than you see in the pic, and I was worried about both the cops, and my old man finding out we borrowed his old pride and joy.

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