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Chien-Ming Wang


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I was kind of upset when the Yanks let Chien-Ming Wang go. I thought he just needed to iron out a few kinks to get back to his old self. But I've checked out his stats with Washington and basically speaking, he sucks. A 9.65 ERA and a 1-6 win/loss record.


I guess the Yanks knew what they were doing.

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For a guy that threw 95 with a sinker, there's something very wrong there, either he's pitching with a sore arm, or he's babying himself. I'd tell you what I'd do, though. I'd try to get him back as a reliever, even if I had to trade a Mitre or Gaudin or something.

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Its actually typical with a majority of Asian pitchers, especially from Taiwan. They have insane pitch counts from very early on and they are burned out by the time they make it into MLB.

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