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Santana Moss Received HGH From Accused Doctor

Mr. P

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Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss was among the professional athletes who received human growth hormone from Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, according to two sources familiar with the investigation. On Tuesday, Galea was charged with smuggling and distributing HGH.


One source said that Moss was the player Galea's medical assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, was on her way to meet in Washington, when she was arrested at the U.S.-Canada border on Sept. 14, 2009, with banned substances, syringes and other medical equipment in her vehicle.


Moss would not discuss the matter at Redskins Park on Wednesday.


"I'll talk about football. I don't know about nothing else," Moss said. "I ain't got nothing to do with nothing that ain't about me."


Moss's name was first reported today by the Buffalo News. The newspaper, which cited unidentified sources close to the case in its report, said that at this point federal prosecutors do not intend to file criminal charges against Moss or any other athlete with connections to the doctor.


Redskins senior vice president Tony Wyllie said, "This is an off-the-field matter. I'm going to refer all questions to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus."


Rosenhaus did not immediately return messages seeking comment.







he shoulda shared some with sinorice.

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Even then Moss=Loss would have found a way to fuck it up....he would have probably gotten smaller. :jerkoff:

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