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My girl is awesome


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No of your chick.. And what's your address. I am going to take her from you. God damn my wife looks at me crossed eyed whenever I want get tickets.


Of course I live in Florida and me getting tickets also involves airfare hotel and rental car but damn man.

Congrats I so wanted to go to the opening of the stadium but alas finances as they are right now makes that impossible,

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She bought 'em from a season ticket holder I think. I had a choice of Redskins, Carolina, Dallas, or Jets (preseason). Preseason right off the bat was out of the question given a choice. Redskins was tempting hoping to see a win. Dallas too was tempting, but I'm in the dead middle of PA, so I didn't want to get effed over by old man winter either. Opening game in new stadium ended up being the deciding factor. I'm excited. Last game I was at was Arizona v. Giants a few years ago when Warner played his first game as a Cardinal. We killed them 45-7 or some shit. There was a big ass fumble return for a TD I remember. So, it's been a while since I've been that way. Stayed in Secaucus, NJ back then. Don't remember the name of the hotel, but there was a place like Hooters, only called Bazookas attached to the hotel.


With it being a 1 pm game, we'll more likely than not come out Saturday, leave Sunday after the game. Taking the train would be appealing, but the it's a matter of finding a place to store our bags from the night before during the game. Also, the tailgating thing would be difficult with no vehicle. So, we'll see. Got a few months to figure that out. We both know driving out the day of the game is not an option.

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ummm no ticket holder has a ticket yet.................soooooo how did ur bitch get a ticket??


See where I said, "She bought 'em from a season ticket holder I think". As in, I am not 100% sure that's where it came from. Beyond that, it's not like she's going to pay for something and not have it in hand first or at the same time. It's not like I'm sitting here staring at the ticket in front of me now. It's very simply that she contacted the person the night the schedule was released and I was given a choice of the games I mentioned. She had contacted this individual a month or two ago, prior to my birthday to set it all up for when the schedule was released. Having the vast majority of the schedule, at least opponent-wise, already set (6 division games, NFC North, AFC South) I'm sure the season ticket holder had an idea which games he or she was planning on attending already. As I'm fucking excited about it and think it's cool as shit she did it, I posted it.


Sooooo, go fuck yourself.

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