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NY Post Justin Tuck has that 2007 Feeling


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Justin Tuck is experiencing Deja Blue.


“I was talking about making history — repeating how we got in the playoffs the championship year, and . . . going back to the championship and winning it,” Tuck said.


“This season’s almost been a mirror image of how we were up and down for a long time in ’07, [found] a groove right at the right time . . . snuck into the playoffs . . . no one kinda gave us a shot and the rest is history. . . . If the Washington game is saying anything about it, hopefully that’s the starting point for us as far as getting in our groove and hopefully sneaking in the playoffs again, and kinda being the ‘nobody’ of the playoffs, and kinda surprising people.”




Is this team capable of it?


“I think so,” Tuck said. “If we come out and play like we did last week, I don’t see too many teams that can beat us if we were playing our style of football. The thing about it is: Which team’s gonna show up?”


From this point on, do you expect that team that won in Washington to show up?


“I think so,” Tuck said. “I don’t see why not. Everybody around here understands the predicament we put ourselves in. Everyone knows — last week, this week and next week — all those games are gonna be playoff games for us. We need ’em.”


The Giants need help (one Packers or Cowboys loss), too.


“Oh yeah, we definitely do,” Tuck said. “But the one thing about this team, we won’t worry about that, because it doesn’t do us any good.”


Tuck said he has the feeling about this team that you had two years ago.


“I do, I really do,” Tuck said. “It’s something about this team, when we’re backed in the corner, we find a way to come out fighting. So I’m encouraged by that, and I understand the character of this football team, I’ve been around it, I know this coaching staff, and I know how these guys are gonna fight. Will it happen? Will it work out for us this time? Maybe not. But I know [if we go down], we’re going down swinging.”




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Tell me about that 2007 feeling again, Tuck?


Justin Tuck is the biggest "all-talk" fucker there is. I remember him talking shit to Flozell after Flozell hurt him and then not showing up for the next Dallas game anyway.

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