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Source:Trent Cole And Shaun O'Hara Each Fined $15,000 For Altercation Sunday

Mr. P

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Eagles defensive end Trent Cole told reporters in Philly Wednesday he was fined for punching Shaun O'Hara on Sunday night, though he refused to provide an amount.


According to someone informed of the fine from the league, the total was $15,000. The person, who requested anonymity because the league hasn't released the amount of the fine yet, said O'Hara was also fined $15,000 for ripping Cole's helmet off.


O'Hara started the altercation with Cole by giving him a shove to the face mask. Cole responded with two punches, at which point O'Hara went for Cole's helmet. Though Cole was ejected and O'Hara merely received a penalty, both were fined an equal amount.


Cole said he was defending end Jason Babin, who claimed the Giants' linemen were getting him with cheap shots.


"I embarrassed myself and my team," Cole said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. "It was just a situation I didn't want to be in ... but it happened and you have to deal with it, take the consequences and move forward to the next week. ... Stuff happens," Cole said. "I'm always there to help and protect any of my teammates. It was a situation that got ugly and it got out of hand."


Replays showed the initial altercation began with Eagles linebacker Will Witherspoon and defensive end Chris Clemons trading shoves with O'Hara and left guard Rich Seubert. Cole then entered the frame and received a stiff arm to the face from O'Hara. He responded with two right crosses.


Babin said O'Hara and right guard Chris Snee were the ones taking cheap shots, though he didn't specify on which plays.



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hahah apparently desean jackson was fined too:


Being named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week apparently has come at a price for Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who also learned minutes ago that he was being fined for some sort of illegal contact with a New York Giants player, probably cornerback Aaron Ross, in the wake of the Eagles' 45-38 win Sunday night.


Jackson, who opened the contents of a letter from NFL headquarters, seemed perplexed as he read the news of the fine.

"I didn't strike nobody in the head," he said.


At which point the locker room was sealed off to reporters.


Jackson appeared to react to being head-butted by Ross in a play near the Eagles' sideline late in the game. No penalty was called either way. Perhaps that was what the whole letter was about.


Also expect word soon on a fine for defensive end Trent Cole, who was involved in a scuffle in the closing seconds and was tossed out.


As for the honor, this is getting to be old news for Jackson, who's already been Special Teams Player of the Week and Offensive Player of the Week earlier this season.


Jackson had a 72-yard punt-return touchdown, a 60-yard touchdown reception and 261 total yards (178 receiving, 83 punt return) Sunday night. Those two touchdowns gave him eight scores of 50 or more yards this season, tying him with Hall of Famer Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch (1951) and current Chicago Bear Devin Hester (2007) for the most in a single season.





crafty use of a double negative there too. weird because all jackson did was take a flop trying to draw a flag.

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So the guy who threw at least TWO punches to the head of another player and the guy who didn't get fined the same exact amount... way to go asshole :TU:

Yeah that's bullshit. If you do something bad enough to get ejected from a game you should be out the following week.

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