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Amani Toomer, Sam Madison and RW McQuarters to be this week's honorary captains as '07 SB team is honored

Mr. P

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Toomer's only regret: That he's no longer a Giant


December 10, 2009 By TOM ROCK tom.rock@newsday.com


Picture an honorary captain and it's usually a guy who has put on 30 pounds and shuffles to the coin toss on arthritic knees. It's almost never someone who thinks he still should be playing.


But that's what the Giants are getting Sunday night with Amani Toomer, a 13-year veteran of the Giants and a significant player for them as recently as 11 months ago. He'll be wearing his not-so-old jersey...


"I think I could have played," Toomer told Newsday when asked about his first year of non-voluntary retirement. "I think the last couple of games [of 2008] let me know that they wanted me back as a mentor. But I felt like I could still play and I wanted to play. My reaction to the role they were putting me in the last couple of weeks let them know that I wasn't really willing to be a mentor. I'm a player."


"Or," Toomer said, correcting himself, "I was a player."



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dont understand why Amani is not playing somewhere


I'd love to see a SB contender pick him up


He's not young anymore, Jack. Amani lasted long in this league because he made it his mission to stay in great shape and adapt to getting old by focusing on muscle flexibility.. etc. I remember talking to him in the summer of '02 and I specifically asked him if he'd lost weight or was it me. He said no he'd shed about 15 to 20 lbs because he changed his workout to focus more on being lean and flexible... at his age now its near impossible to keep up with younger guys... it's a fact of life.

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