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Gotta love Osi


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kinda forgot how dynamic he was, and he reminded me real quick with that fumble for a TD, man that was a great play by Osi.


Having him Tuck, and Kiwi rotating is going to be fun to watch this year,


OSI and Tuck tandem reminds me of the 07 tandem with Osi and Strahan with Tuck on the side


good to see,


anyways were lookn good on D and only going to get better once we get Ross and Dock back, as well as the addition of Boley thats real big. also I think KP, Canty, Osi, and Boley will all have big second halfs of the year.


and our young WRS looked real good, gotta love the our pthead Mario Manningham, the dude looks like a Chad Johnson type player out there, and Smith looks like hes ready for a large workload and Eli loves him, Boss looks like Boss, and I think Hixon will make some big plays. Nicks will be a huge factor down the stretch too


gotta love the team

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